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Zlatoustovtsers read Jalil

Zlatoustovtsers read Jalil

The second round of the third competition of readers of the best expressive reading of the works of the great Tatar poet, hero of the Soviet Union Musa Jalil, which was held in Central library, attracted the participation from more than 20 schools in the town.

62 young Zlatoustovtsers represented creativity of M. Jalil, competing in two categories – Russian and Tatar languages, and in four age groups. For purity in pronunciation of poetry in the Tatar language Anton Kireev and Danil Akhtyamov were marked. For special performance – Milena Egorova and Razida Migranova. For the clarity and beauty of the recitation of Jalil works in Russian – Vladislav Burlakov Arevik Hchoyan Arevik Yamaletdinova Albina, Xenia Tikhonova and Elizaveta Tyuteva.

– And this year, the organizers of the contest – the Congress of Tatars of Chelyabinsk region and Central Library tried to give it more solemnity – Valya Zagidulina said, one of the organizers of the competition.

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