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Repablic Public Organization of Tatar women ‘’Ak kalfak’’

Repablic Public Organization of Tatar women ‘’Ak kalfak’’

Public organization of Tatar women “Ak kalfak” of the Republic of Tatarstan, was established in 1990.

It participates in the formulation of government policy to improve the living conditions of women, families and children resolve issues of concern to women, especially the problem of unemployment. The organization created to address the protection of the rights of mothers and children, help to large families, caring about the development of the Tatar nation through the protection of the Tatar family.

The organization advocates for the interests of all women in bodies of state and municipal authorities, promotes opening of Sunday schools and courses of study of Tatar language, literature, art and history, in places of compact residence of representatives of the Tatar nation, as well as organizes Schools for young mothers, organizes the club “Tips to young family ” with the participation of psychologists, economists, lawyers and other professionals, helping people who have lost touch with relatives. The organization is actively involved in the development of of legislative acts on social and legal protection of motherhood, childhood and parenthood.

The most important event organized and conducted by the organization “Ak kalfak” is the All-Russia Women’s Forum “Women in the the XXI century: the family and society.”

Charter: pol_ak_kalfak.pdf

Additional information

Address: Russia, 420060, Kazan, ul. Karl Marx, 38/5.
Phone: +7 843 236-59-16



Chairman – Rezeda Failevna Mukhametshina