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Commission on Strategy  Development of  Tatar  Ethnos


“Commission on    development   strategy   of  Tatar ethnos”

Article 1

“The Commission on the development strategy of the Tatar ethnos” (hereinafter –Commission)  of  the WCT   Executive Committee was created in 2002 on the basis of decision by  III Congress of the WCT in order to develop the Program of development of the Tatar people on the basis of preparation of the  concept of this program.

The main tasks of the Commission are   the following:

  • Co-ordination of research on working out concept and Program  on  development of the Tatar people;
  • Collection of statistical and other materials for the Tatars, as well as conducting a monitoring study of contemporary ethnic, ethno-cultural and other processes taking place in the Tatar ethnos;
  • Preparation of analytical papers related to the problem of the modern development of the Tatar nation.

Article 2

The Commission  shall   carry out its activities in the following areas:

  • Organization of scientific research and collection of the necessary materials, in collaboration with the Centre for Ethnic Monitoring of  History Institute. named  after S. Mardzhani  of   RT  Academy of Sciences;
  • Holding scientific conferences, symposia and other collective discussions  on  problems of development of the Tatar people;
  • Implementation of the publication of works related to the main activities of the Commission.

Article 3

The Commission   shall carry  out  practical work on the basis of the decisions of the Congress and the Executive Committee of the WCT.

Article 4

The Commission creates a temporary creative groups (expert council ) of the scholars, including  those living outside the Republic of Tatarstan for the implementation of its core tasks.

Article 5

The working body of the Commission is the Centre for Ethnic Monitoring, established by decision of the Executive Committee of the WCT  and the Academic Council of the Institute of History  after  S. Mardzhani   RT AS  on  27.01.2003, the financial and logistical support to CEM  activities carried out by the Board of WCT  and the Directorate of the Institute of History  after S. Mardzhani   RT AS.

Article 6

On behalf of the  WCT Executive Committee  the Commission  shall hold  also  other types of information and analytical work.

Article 7

This provision may be supplemented and amended by the Executive Committee of the WCT.

Chairman of the commission

  • Iskhakov Damir Mavlyaeevich


  • Valiullin Renat Nakifovich

Members of the commission

  • Ablyazov  Kamil  Alimovich
  • Ganeev Rustam Mazitovich
  • Egorov Ivan Mikhailovich
  • Zaydullin Rkail Rafaelevich
  • Ibraev Sergey Minnekhanovich
  • Kantyukov Rafkat Abdulkhaevich
  • Lukmanov Alik Harisovich
  • Mirikhanov Nazif Muzagidanovich
  •  Shakirov   Amir  Tolgatovich
  • Sharipov Flur Nuriyakhmetovich
  • Yarullin Tabris Mudarisovich