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The Commission on International Relations and Human Rights


The  Commission on International Relations and Human Rights   of  the World Congress of Tatars Executive Committee

Article 1

The Commission on International Relations and Human Rights of   the Executive Committee of the WCT (hereinafter – the Commission) was  formed by the decision of the World Congress of Tatars on June 19,  1992 as a division of the WCT Executive Committee dealing with maintaining  of cooperation  of  the Executive committee of WCT  as a non-governmental international organization with other international non-governmental organizations, and protection of the rights of the Tatar people regardless of the place of residence.

The main tasks of the Commission are  the following:

  • Cooperation with international non-governmental organizations (UN, UNESCO, OSCE and others.) On issues related to the Tatar people;
  • Activities aimed at establishing close relations and unity of Tatars living in countries near and far abroad, around the WCT;
  • Resolution of national and cultural problems of the Tatars with the state authorities of the countries of their residence on the basis of respect for international law and the laws of those countries;
  • Elaboration and offer of practical advice for public authorities  of the Republic of Tatarstan at the conclusion of intergovernmental agreements with countries where Tatars live;
  • Protection of political, civil and social rights of Tatars, regardless of their country of residence, providing them with practical assistance;
  • Dissemination of objective information about the Tatar people and its statehood in the historical aspect in the context of contemporary international relations, especially through the Tatar Diaspora in countries of   their

Article 2

The Commission carries out its activities in the following areas:

  • Establishment of relations and cooperation    with   non-governmental organizations;
  • Close cooperation with the Tatar Diaspora living abroad;
  • Protection of the rights of Tatars and Tatar people at all levels. The Commission carries out its activities on the basis of international law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, civil and political rights of peoples, as well as the international obligations of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan  in the field of human rights.

Article 3

The Commission carries out its practical work based on plans and decisions taken at its meetings. It is allowed to vote on the draft decisions by members of the Commission  survey,  transfer of their  proposals  by  telegraph, telex and facsimile. Immediate and urgent issues are shall be resolved

By Chairman of the Commission, agreeing with the Chairman of the executive committee of WCT, having notified  the members of the Committee.

Article 4

Where necessary, the Commission may set up working groups, commissions of experts, including representatives of the countries of residence of the Tatars to resolve the problems.

Article 5

All issues and the preparation of the meeting shall be fulfilled by Chairman of the  Commission and his deputy. All documents and decisions of the Commission shall be signed by its chairman.

Article 6

These Regulations may be supplemented and amended by  the  Commission decision.

Chairman of the commission:

  • Valeev Razil Ismagilovich


  • Gibatdinov Ferit Abdullovich

Members of the commission:

  • Abzalov Albert Felixovich .
  • Atik Ali
  • Vagizova Venera  Vasylovna
  • Davlyatov Ildous Yadkarovich
  • Taufik  Akramovich Karimov
  • Lukmanov Eunice Khalitovich
  • Nabiullin Rishat Khismatullovich
  • Yakupov Marat Irfanovich
  • Yarkaev  Rais Marisovich
  • Zabirov Rafael