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Media Commission

The Provision  of the Commission on  media of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars

1.General Provisions

1.1. The Commission on  Media  of the  World Congress of Tatars Executive Committee (here and after the Commission)  was  formed by the decision of the World Congress of Tatars as a structural subdivision of the WCT   Executive  committee in order to attract a wide range of specialists in the formation of social consciousness, prominent journalists, scientists, public figures to discuss issues of national journalism and the role of the media in  preservation and development of the Tatar ethnos.

1.2. The Commission is guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, Republic of Tatarstan, norms of International law, the decisions of the convention  of  the WCT  and this Regulation.

1.3. The main tasks of the Commission are   the following:

  • Promoting to  development and dissemination of Tatar newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programs in the Republic of Tatarstan and in  the regions  of Tatars residence, improving  the activity of the national media, increasing  their competitiveness;
  • The preparation of expert opinions, proposals and recommendations to the Executive Committee of the WCT, other non-governmental organizations, bodies of the RT government and Russian regions for development of the national media and objective coverage of national and cultural development issues in international, federal, regional and local media;
  • Consolidation of Tatar journalists in order to promote democratic principles and the rule of law and civil society, to meet the needs of national and cultural Tatar population.

2. Directions of work of the Commission

2.1. When considering questions related to its competence, the Commission carries out its activities following  the directions:

  • Protection of freedom of speech and the right to disseminate and receive information in the countries and regions of the Tatars living;
  • Interaction with the editors of print and electronic media, providing information for Tatar population,  exchange of experience and  necessary information;
  • Assist journalists in their professional development and enhance their political and general culture;
  • Organization of competitions, quizzes, training courses for journalists of national publications and media covering of ethnic and cultural life of the Tatars;
  • Organization of cultural events and promotions that contribute to the creation of a common information space of the Tatar people, interaction of Tatars  journalists and media  of  Tatars living in  the regions   with community organizations, editorial boards of newspapers, magazines, television, radio of  the Republic of Tatarstan.

2.2. The  Commission to perform its functions,  has  the right to carry out:

  1. a) Preparation of proposals for project plans of   the Board of the  WCT  and other interested organizations;
  2. b) dissemination of information in the journalistic community on the most pressing problems of the Tatar people;
  3. c) organization of journalists  performing  in the mass media of Tatarstan  and the other regions on issues of ethno-cultural development of the Tatars;
  4. g) submission of the most productive and skilled journalists for their awarding and encouraging measures to stimulate the Executive Committee of the WCT, professional and creative organizations.

3. Procedure of   work of the Commission

3.1. The Commission carries out its activities within the perspective  plans  of the Executive Committee  the WCT, as well as – on the basis of plans and decisions taken at meetings of the Commission.

3.2. The Commission is a collegial advisory body. Meetings of the Committee shall be held at least twice a year.

3.3. The Commission is created and abolished by the decision of the WCT.

Chairman of the media  commission

  • Aminov Ilshat Yunusovich

Vice –chairman

  • Safin Ramis Farukovich

Members of the   media commission

  • Kilmukhametov Ramil Mingalievich
  • Minnakhmetov Irek Zaudatovich
  • Muslimov Ilyas  Bulatovic
  • Mukhametzyanov Raphael Rafkatovich
  • Safiullina  Faviya Ahtyamovna
  • Fayzullin Vagiz Ismagilovich
  • Sharifullin Ravil Gilmullovich