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The Control – Auditing Commission


On Control- Auditing Commission of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars

  1. The present «Provision on control-auditing   commission of  the Congress»    was developed and put into effect in accordance with the decision of the Constituent Congress of the International Union of Public Associations “World Congress of Tatars”.
  2. The control – auditing commission shall be elected at the congress, and is responsible before the congress.
    Members of the control – auditing    commission  of the Congress shall not be members of other elected bodies of  the Congress.  The control -auditing   commission is  governed by the Charter of the Congress, the Congress decisions, present Provision  and  shall  work   closely with the elected bodies of the Congress.
    The activities of the control -auditing commission of the Congress is organized in accordance with the “Provision  on  the   Control – Auditing Commission  of the Congress”.
  3. According to the Charter of the Congress, the control – auditing commission shall perform the following activities:
    • Conduct monitoring over compliance of the Congress activities, its goals and objectives;
    • Control performance  of  solutions  by    the Congress,  the Board, the Bureau of the “World Congress of Tatars”;
    • Monitor  correctness and expediency of spending money, taking into account  organization of its reports;
    • Consider applications, complaints received by the control – auditing commission.
  4. The control-auditing commission shall have the power:
    • When organizing and monitoring the implementation of the Charter of the Congress, the decisions  of the conventions,   Executive Committee,  Bureau of the Congress,  to attract activists;
    • While holding  audits of financial and economic activities of the Congress to create a team to perform this skilled work;
    • Demand, and certain  relevant officials are obliged to submit to  all the necessary materials, accounting and other documents;
    • Conduct unscheduled audits and inspections;
    • Require calling   of an Extraordinary convention  of the Congress.
  5. The control – auditing commission of the Congress at least once in six months holds  meetings.  Meetings shall be considered valid if it is attended by more than half of the elected members. Decisions  shall be  taken by a simple majority vote.
    By agreement   with  Ex.com.  members shall  hold joint meetings  of the Executive Committee and the control – auditing  commission.
    The members of the control- auditing commission shall have the right to attend meetings of the Executive Committee Bureau and  are entitled to a consultative  vote.
  6. Chairman of the control -auditing commission shall be elected at the first meeting of the control – auditing commission, a decision shall be  adopted by a simple a majority vote out of the elected members of convention of the  Congress, Chairman of the control – auditing commission   shall :
    • Convene meetings of the control-auditing commission, makes proposals on their agenda and arrange for the preparation of relevant draft documents;
    • Enter proposals  to the  control -auditing commission  on holding, if necessary, joint meetings of the Executive Committee and the control-auditing commission;
    • Submit for the approval by  the control- auditing commission of personal-ended  Working Group of the control- auditing  commission on various aspects of the  control- auditing commission;
    • Responsible for general management of the work of the control-auditing commission;
    • Participate in the meetings of the Board, the Bureau, has the right to an advisory vote;
    • Sign decisions   accepted  by  the control -auditing commission, et al. documents.
  7. Deputy chairman of the control-auditing commission shall be elected at the first meeting of the control-auditing commission on the proposal of Chairman of the  control-auditing commission by a simple majority of the elected members.
    Deputy chairman in the absence of  Chairman of the control- audit commission  shall  performs his  duties.
  8. The control- auditing Commission of the Congress maintained at the expense of  the Congress, has a working  place  in the building  of the WCT.

Commission Chairman

  • Almayev  Anver   Ibragimovich

Members of the commission

  • Iskanderov Anvar  Rashidovich
  • Levshevich Elvira Ansafovna
  • Salakhov  Wenzel Takievich
  • Tahirov Kadiminur Minsalikhovich
  • Tikhomirov Ravza Shamilevna