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“In the future, the status of the Tatar nation will increase”: opinions on  Development Strategy of the Tatar people

“In the future, the status of the Tatar nation will increase”: opinions on  Development Strategy of the Tatar people


“In the future, the status of the Tatar nation will increase”: opinions on  Development Strategy of the Tatar people

September  03, 2020

On August 29, in Kazan, the National Assembly “Millut Zhyeny” adopted the Strategy for  Development of the Tatar People. What practical benefits will the Development Strategy bring to Tatarstan and the Tatar people? IA “Tatar-inform” asked  representatives of the Tatar intelligentsia to answer this question.

The meeting of the national assembly was attended by 500 compatriots from Tatarstan and 68 regions of Russia.

Minister of Culture of Tatarstan Irada Ayupova:

“In implementing  directions related to culture, education and science, we should not be limited only to Tatarstan. Many positions cover the interests of Tatars around the world. Much has been said about  preservation of the native language, national spirit, about the institution of the family. From this point of view, the strategy is well developed.

We now live and work separately, this is not right. We need to unite. By uniting, we can together bring the strategy to life. ”


Danil Salikhov, Chairman of the Writers’ Union of Tatarstan:            

“The strategy should be in the heart, in the soul of every person. The strategy of the Tatar people is a document developed by the Academy of Sciences together with  Tatar community. We must come to a consensus, set certain goals for ourselves and go towards them. If in the soul of every Tatar person there is a sense of national belonging, he will implement them for  benefit of the nation, language, and future people.

I believe that the adoption of the strategy is vital. It is important not only to accept it, but also to implement it. It is impossible to implement what is not accepted by  general decision, it is impossible to achieve a result if the tasks are not defined.

I consider defining tasks for the nation to be a mandatory step. A start has already been made. If all the Tatars of the world, rolling up their sleeves, begin to work on implementing the strategy, all other issues will be resolved by themselves. ”

People’s Artist of Russia and Tatarstan Zilya Sungatullina:

“It seems to me that the strategy will raise the status of our people. We talk a lot about preserving the Tatar language, but so far the words are not backed up by deeds. Tatars, wherever they are, are not second-class people.

I believe that by creating a strategy, we will rise one step higher. I really liked the speeches by   chairman of “Milli Shura” of the World Congress of Tatars Vasil Shaikhraziev, he gave his blessing for holding the International Tatar Contest named after I. Shakirov. The contest  is not like other similar events, classical, folk performers and even amateur artists can take part in it.

In addition, it is necessary to educate the people with a correct view of the Tatar language. Many parents are guided by  mistaken fear that, having received education in the Tatar language, their children will not be able to study in higher educational institutions. There are many such cases in Kazan. Therefore, I would like to raise the prestige of the Tatar language. Increase the wages of those workers who can communicate in two state languages ​​at the workplace. Incentives can be comprehensive and different. It is important to awaken a sense of pride in the people.

Now in Kazan you can hear the Tatar speech, it pleases, because before it was completely different. When I first arrived in the capital, I dreamed of hearing Tatar speech. If I addressed people in my native language, I was angrily answered in Russian. Now the Tatars, wherever they are, are happy to speak their native language. This is encouraging. Fifteen years ago, everything was different.

Tatar music must be presented in the best possible light, separated from “pop” and other nonsense. It is necessary to develop a good taste in music, teach to understand real music. It is necessary to introduce national dress. This must be done in such a way that interest in the Tatar costume awakens even among people of another nation. You cannot limit yourself to wearing a skullcap and kalfak. There is still a lot ahead ”.

Deputy Chairman of the RT State Council Committee on ecology, nature management, agro-industrial and food policy Takhir Khadeev:

“The government cannot resolve all issues. I believe that, first of all, you need to start with yourself. Do the same Tatar leaders speak Tatar to their children and grandchildren? The environment for  preservation of the Tatar language is the village. Poets and singers were born and grew up in  villages. If in this way the nation, the language is preserved and strengthened, then I support the new strategy. ”

People’s Artist of Tatarstan, Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan Ramil Tukhvatullin:

“First of all, this is a big step. I saw the strategy program and studied it well. Of course, the well-known truths are spelled out there, which have become an axiom: a lot has been said about respect for heritage, recognition of the Tatars, a sense of nationality, education. The ways of development of self-awareness and self-determination are indicated. To some extent resembles a work of art, an essay.

For me personally, one thing was missing: if we recognize it as a strategy, then we need to determine the ways of solving the problem. I perceive it as a kind of step-by-step document. And its content needs to be supplemented. In general, it is still not entirely clear to me what steps our republic will take. Theoretically everything is mentioned. Completely, thoughtfully. The hand of our learned minds is felt. But there are not entirely clear points in practical terms. The strategy should become the document that will indicate the ways to achieve the goals. ”

    People’s Artist of Tatarstan Hamduna Timergalieva:

“And I believe that the strategy will serve to improve the life of the Tatar people.

The Tatar people will never disappear, you shouldn’t worry about it. Tatars can disappear only if there is an explosion of the planet Earth. I observe and come to the conclusion: Tatars abroad speak a foreign language on the street, but at home only in Tatar. ”

Deputy Chairman of the Congress of Tatars of the Sverdlovsk Region Favia Safiullina:

“In my opinion, a strategy is needed. This is a very important document. And to make it a reality, you need to work hard and hard. We cannot accept the document and be glad that we won. Having started, you need to bring the matter to its logical conclusion. Maybe it is worth re-reading each of his proposals and working, taking into account and combining the experience of the Tatars living both in Tatarstan and in the regions of the country. If this document really should be preserved by the Tatar people, then it is high time to start developing it.

It seems to me that we need to start work and update it even more over time. Unfortunately, there are few patriotic youth among the Tatars all over the world. It would be nice if they worked, taking into account the foundation, and not only relying on youth and irrepressible energy. For the nation not to grow old, young people must be active, their eyes must burn with fire. This is my wish. ”

People’s poet of Tatarstan Ravil Fayzullin:

“The World Congress of Tatars has been successfully fulfilling its large-scale mission for several decades. The main goal is to ensure the safety and development of the Tatar people among the peoples of the world. A person must preserve the traditions and customs of his ancestors, know the language, history, art, culture of his people. Wherever the Tatars live, they are not threatened with extinction. The name “Tatars” will live on, but what will happen to the content? What worries me the most now.

I think that the adoption of the strategy of the Tatar people gave rise to hope among many. A document that inspires hope. If we develop the self-awareness of our people, this will become the implementation of one of the points of the strategy. ”

Lilia Valieva, Chairperson of the “Tatars in Belgium” Union:

“The strategy is aimed at the family, the family institution, at all costs it must preserve the language and traditions of the people. The document is very necessary and important. But there are places that are not entirely clear. For example, how can a mother with an eight-year education teach her child the literary language, or how can a doctor awaken in children a love for the work of Sagit Ramiev or Hasan Tufan?

I’ve said this before. Young Tatar journalists suggested good ideas, but, unfortunately, I did not find any of them in this document. To form and promote a full-fledged personality who knows his own language, it is necessary to give a comprehensive education.

Of course, it is impossible to transfer all values ​​to a child along with mother’s milk. The more opportunities for learning a language, the more people will be interested in it and the more people will speak this language. The language cannot develop only within the family. Learning a language requires an active environment of literature, theater, cinematography and science. You need a push to study it. Our people do not need a “kitchen Tatar language”. Its study before the university degree must be funded by the state.

I live in Europe, I communicate a lot with Tatar families. We have been organizing the work of the Tatar camp on the Mediterranean coast for several years in a row. This is a private project. Can’t the government organize such projects? Young athletes, musicians, physicists – talented young people could be sent to such projects. This is just a drop in the ocean. But I am sure: this is an effective way. ”


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