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Pupils will be strong in mathematics

Pupils will be strong in mathematics

The new school year will be announced in Tatarstan, the Year of mathematics. Five thousand additional places will appear in republic’s kindergartens until the end of 2013. However, number of private universities will be reduced. This was said on August 22, at the August teachers’ meeting with President Rustam Minnikhanov.

Opening the republican meeting in a regional House of Culture, Rustam Minnikhanov marked that Arsk was not accidentally chosen to host the teachers’ meeting themed “Modern technologies in education.” It was here that the school of distance learning Tatar “Ana tele ” has been created. In addition, Arsk region occupies a leading position on results of the Unified state exams “In general, development of the Tatarstan education system keeps positive dynamics,” – said the President.

Kinder garden is also a school

Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan Engel Fattakhov began his report from development of pre-school education, explaining that the “kindergarten – the first stage of general education.” President has agreed with him also, having stressed that a kindergarten is also a school since much knowledge a child gets exactly at the age of 7 years.

The minister said that by 2016, the republic plans to fully provide places in kindergartens for children from 3 to 7. To meet the end, 29,000 places for pre-school children to be created, of whom 5 thousand – this year.

Persistent physicist

More opportunities , according to the minister, more opportunities in will be provided for students in a new academic year for training technical creativity – number of places in school and after-school clubs is to increase by 3.5 thousand. And In May 2014, the first Republican festival of children’s technical creativity will be held where pupils present their creations.

Not an institution, just only name

Minister of Education has paid much less attention to the universities than to kindergartens. However, the news proved to be quite “hot”. According to the minister, in 2014 Almetyevsky State Institute of Municipal services will be reorganized into the College of service and services, respectively, the status of the institution will go down.

Fattakhov also asked the administration of Nizhnekamsk region to consider reorganization of Nizhnekamsk Municipal Institution since HEI with a contingent of 600 people, of which 70% – off-campus students, do not match the status of higher education.

The Minister noted a poor quality of education in the branches of the Academy of Social Education in Arsk, Buinsk, Yelabuga, Zelenodol’sk and the Kazan Institute of Business and Law.

Computer will not replace teachers

“The quality of any education system can not exceed the quality of its teachers” – this phrase was articulated at the teachers’ meeting by director of the Singapore-based EDUCARE Mike Tirumala. As it turned out, Singaporeans are under contract with the RT Ministry of Education actively are teaching advanced techniques of teaching for local specialists.

In turn, Engel Fattakhov told how authorities of the republic take care of teachers who play a major role in education, and who can not be replaced by a computer or interactive board. According to the minister, average teacher’s salary has increased over the past year by 60% to 29,900 rubles, and salary of a kindergarten educator on average stands now at 20,200 rubles. In 2012, 127 young teachers from 18 regions of the country received subsidies to offset the costs of social mortgage in the form of 10% of housing. In addition, the best principals and teachers have been sent for internships abroad.

Tatar language is needed by all “

Matter of learning Tatar language was discussed at the meeting and does not lose its relevance. Engel Fattakhov announced that in the new year an International Olympiad in Tatar and Tatar literature, scheduled to coincide with the birthday of G. Tukai – 26 April, would be held for the first time in Tatarstan, Implementation of the project “Ana tele ” through which anyone can remotely study Tatar, Minister considers to be a successful experience .

And President Rustam Minnikhanov once again spoke about compulsory study of the Tatar language in all schools of the country: “We need Tatar or not? Of course, we need! What kind of talk! There are doubts about the lack of lessons on Tatar language ? Add as many hours as you need!”.

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