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35th anniversary of the Tatar-Bashkir creative association DUSLYK

35th anniversary of the Tatar-Bashkir creative association DUSLYK

In May 2020, the Tatar-Bashkir creative association “DUSLYK” celebrates its 35th anniversary. The artistic director, director and choreographer of the association is Raisa Baimurzina, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan and Belarus.

In 1985, Raisa Baimurzina organized an original creative team, which eventually acquired the status of the Tatar-Bashkir pop theater “DUSLYK”, which has national color and a wide stage repertoire. In its  concert programs, vocal and choreographic sketches, literary and musical compositions, folk and modern Tatar, Bashkir, Russian, Uzbek songs and dances.

In 1995, Raisa Abdulkhaevna was the organizer of the first exhibition of Tatar and Bashkir artists in Uzbekistan and opened a music and art salon where artists’ paintings are shown and the artists of the ensemble “DUSLYK” perform.

In 1989, the Tatar-Bashkir people’s  theater “DUSLYK” was awarded the title of “folk”, and later it became known as a creative association. And the head was awarded the signs of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions “For achievement in amateur art”, and the Ministry of Culture of the USSR “For achievement in amateur art”.

The collective successfully toured the cities of Uzbekistan, Tatarstan, Latvia. The successes of the DUSLYK creative association in promoting national culture and youth education were covered  in Tashkent, Kazan and Ufa newspapers.

In 1998, at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan and the World Congress of Tatars, artists of  “DUSLYK” took part in the republican Sabantui and performed at concert venues in Kazan.

The head of the ensemble Raisa Baimurzina makes a great contribution to the popularization of Tatar, Bashkir, Uzbek national art and culture in Uzbekistan. She is the director of the festival of Tatar-Bashkir folk art in the Palace of Friendship of Peoples, a gala concert of the Day of Tatar and Bashkir culture in Uzbekistan at the Bolshoi Theater after  A. Navoi, Days of Tatar and Bashkir culture in the international cultural center of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and much more.

She was awarded with diplomas of the Ministry and the Department of Culture of Uzbekistan and Tatarstan, the World Kurultai (Congress) of the Bashkirs, the trade union committee of the TAPOiCh GAO, the Peace Fund and the UN mission in Uzbekistan for creative activities and youth education.

Her social work is marked by diplomas of the International Center of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In 1997, R. Baimurzina was awarded the title “Honored Worker of Culture of Tatarstan”, and in 2014 she was awarded the medal of the World Congress of Tatars “For great services to the Tatar people.”

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