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A new season has opened at the Ufa State Tatar Theater “Nur”

A new season has opened at the Ufa State Tatar Theater “Nur”

On October 9, at the Ufa State Tatar Theater “Nur”, the new season opened with a premiere of the play “Once Upon a Time in the City” based on the work by  Mudaris Bagayev.

To  congratulate the collective came   Deputy chairman of the Committee of the State Assembly – Kurultai of the Republic of Bashkortostan for health care, social policy and veteran affairs, chairman of the Council of the Regional Public Organization “National and Cultural Autonomy of Tatars of the Republic of Bashkortostan” Rimma Utyasheva, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan Ranis Altynbaev, and also Deputy Head of the Administration of the Oktyabrsky District of Ufa Alena Odintsova. She awarded the theater artists Lenaria Khazhieva and Chulpan Rayanova, as well as the music editor Alexander Kartashov, with certificates of honor from the Oktyabrsky District Administration.

According to the established tradition, the results of the past theatrical season were summed up. Minninur Saitova-Gizatullina (the role of Larisa in the play “Hello, is this happiness?”) was recognized as the winner in  nomination “Best female role”. And Azat Valiullin won in the nomination “Best male role” (the role of Leopold in the play “The Birthday of Leopold the Cat”). The winners in the nominations for male and female supporting roles were also noted. The victory went to Albert Shaikhutdinov (the role of Yagafar in the play “Aigul Country”) and Irina Ganieva (the role of Zulhabira in the play “Aigul Country”). Marat Khasanov became the actor of the year for his brilliantly played roles in three premieres and for staging the inclusive performance “The Golden Key”.

After the solemn part, the audience was presented with the musical comedy “Once in the City” by M. Bagaev. The director is Ildar Valeev, Honored Artist of Bashkortostan.

The production was created by: artist Nuria Gabidullina, costume designer – Natalya Stepanova, composer – Ural Idelbaev, choreographers – Ramiza Mukhammetshina and Chulpan Askarova.




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