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A student from Brussels Kamilla Nasybullina wins first place at the International Olympiad on Tatar language

A student from Brussels Kamilla Nasybullina wins first place at the International Olympiad on Tatar language

Student from Brussels Kamilla Nasybullina   has won the first place at the International Olympiad on the Tatar language. On April 21, in Kazan, after three days of competitions, the awards ceremony took place. The main prizes were conferred  to the winners in the “Basket-Hall by   RT President Rustam Minnikhanov.

Multi-stage contests  began back in December by correspondence. After the first qualifying stage of the series of interregional olympiads, potential participants received a homework – to  get prepared for a creative contest and make a presentation. The representative of the Union of Tatars of Belgium brought with her to Tatarstan a video presentation about the life of compatriots with an emphasis on educational projects aimed at preserving and  development of the Tatar language, one of the most striking and successful among them was  the summer camp for children with a trip to Spain.

In addition to home preparations, the participants performed in the classrooms under strict control of the commission assignments on the Tatar language and literature,  history of Tatarstan and the Tatar people. Also, an excursion was organized around the Literary Memorial Museum Complex of Gabdulla Tukai with a visit to his native village in the Arsky district. It is in these days that the public celebrates the 131st anniversary of the birth of the great poet, the son of the Tatar people. For many guests, especially from regions of Russia and abroad, the reality of plunging into the life and nature of the region has become a unique chance to experience the spirit of the people from the position of the poet. Leisure of young people was also associated with  promotion of the image of the Tatar language: the actions “Min Tatarcha siil’shәm”, “Akyl factoryyasy”,  performance of the Tatar State Academic Theater named after Kamal   “Ak kalfagym tusherdem kuldan” was  organized.

The Olympiad was attended by pupils   as well as   students from 13 foreign countries and 25 subjects of the Russian Federation, including  from numerous regions and cities of the Republic of Tatarstan. By number, this is the fifth Olympiad in the world organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, and every year Belgium takes part in it. Earlier, the representative of “Tatars of Belgium” took the second place, and the motivation to preserve knowledge of the Tatar language remains important among the Diaspora. The Ministry does not limit participants in geography and for months in advance notifies about the conditions of competitions, giving enough time for preparation. One of the means of mastering the language from any level is, for example, the site “Ana tele”, on which the Tatars of Belgium are actively registered.

Kamilla Nasybullina from childhood received her Tatar language from her grandmother, tries to communicate on it  in the family and with friends. Her working language is English, for in Brussels she studies at the International School of Management ICHEC, studies business and management. Participation in the Olympiad is perceived as an opportunity to demonstrate her  knowledge, as well as to acquire like-minded people in different countries. She is sure that in the future her children will also be able to communicate their native language.

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