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“Ak Kalfak” revives national traditions

“Ak Kalfak” revives national traditions

Surgut National-cultural Autonomy of the Tatars actively works to preserve the national identity of the Tatar people, revive rituals and customs.

5 years ago, the women’s community Ak Kalfak was created under the autonomy.  The main task of this community is to educate the young generation in the national spirit, to restore lost customs and traditions. Today, Ak Kalfak conducts various master classes in needlework.

Last week Chairman of the Chuvash National Cultural Center Tuslakh (Friendship) Tatyana Tolstova visited Ak Kalfak. The purpose of the visit was the exchange of experience in needlework, national embroidery. Head of the women’s community “Ak Kalfak” Nuria Ziganshina showed a master class in carpet embroidery. Tatiana Tolstova shared with the participants her knowledge about the history of the Chuvash shawl. The warm meeting ended with a tea party.

Classes within the framework of the Ak Kalfak are held weekly on Saturdays at 11:00 am.

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