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Aksubaevsky athlete became world champion on belt wrestling

Aksubaevsky athlete became world champion on belt wrestling

The Aksubaevsky athlete Ilvira Salakhova has become the world champion on belt wrestling.

Recently, the world championship was held in Astana city. Tatarstan team has gained three gold medals. One of them belongs to Ilvira.

– Who or what brought you to wrestling? Who in childhood was an example for you in the sport?

– From an early age my father and grandfather would interest me in wrestling , and I actually did not mind.

– What is the attitude of your mom to wrestling ?

– As to my mom she respects my choice, she has always supported me. I am grateful for the fact that in difficult times she could pick up the words that reassured me and send in the right direction.

– How many years you go in for with Alexander Skvortsov?

– At Alexander Semenovich I was doing six years, and during this period of time he managed to teach me not only the methods of wrestling, but also to be persistent and courageous athlete. I am very grateful for the experience I have acquired while training with him . And I want to thank my grandfather – Yrek Akhmetovich, who also coached from an early age and taught me to be successful.

– This is not the first victory?

– Of course not, there were a lot of victories, but such grand as the World Cup I did not.

– What is more difficult to win: Championship of Russia or the world?

– Of course, the World Cup. For the world championships people come from different countries that have the highest experience, and you have to deal with them on equal terms.

– I suggest whether you thought to become a champion?

– No, I did not expect that I will be the world champion.

– Which of the fights were the most difficult?

– The most difficult fight was with a girl from Uzbekistan, we fought on equal terms, but I was lucky a little more.

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