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All-Russian action “Night of the Arts”

All-Russian action “Night of the Arts”

On November 3, the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan and its branches will take part in the All-Russian action “Night of the Arts”.

The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan has prepared a special day program for children. At 12.00 a museum lesson “Treble clef, or How music was born” will take place. At the museum and educational center, children will enjoy fascinating master classes on making clay products and amulets, painting on wood, and upper stuffing  on fabric. Students of the Children’s Art School of the Volga District of Kazan will present the guests of the museum with a concert program “Melody of the Soul”, where famous works will be performed on various musical instruments. The “Esmira” oriental dance studio will give a concert “Dancing without Borders”, as well as a master class from  head of the studio. The Hanol Korean Dance Ensemble will showcase their fiery fan dances.

The museum cinema offers family viewing of films from the cycle “Children’s Almanac” – short films “Working Moment” by V. Vasiliev, “Gulnazek – Winner of Divas” by E. Ermolina, “Assiya” by D. Abdrashitova, “Hush” by M. Kulikov and “At Dawn at the end of June ”A. Shirmanov. The end of the children’s program will be a screening of cartoons by the Tatarmultfilm studio – Arrow of Heritage-2, Age of Tatarstan-3 and Sabantuy (episodes 1-6), which in a fascinating way tell about the history and culture of the republic and the Tatar people.

The program “Alone with history” – a theatrical excursion around the new exposition of the museum “History of Tatarstan from ancient times to the present day” will give a lot of impressions. Meetings with characters from different eras will allow guests to get in touch with little-known, sometimes controversial moments in history. What are school textbooks silent about? Whose names have remained behind the scenes of the well-known version? The destinies of outstanding personalities and the whirlpool of events will not leave visitors indifferent!

The exhibition “Traditions of Impressionism in Tatarstan” will host a painting master class “You are an artist. Here and Now ”by the famous Kazan artist Mili Nurullina.

The program “Arts Nights” will be completed by the museum cinema with the screening of the film “Kire”. The film was provided from the catalog of the 1st Interregional Prize in the field of cinematography “Altyn tulinku” (“Golden Plate”), established in Kazan by the Directorate of ANO “Vremya Kino” with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund of the Russian Federation.

During the day, visitors are offered a sightseeing tour of the museum exposition “History of Tatarstan from ancient times to the present day.”

The branches of the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan will also host a variety of exciting events.

A special program awaits visitors to the museum’s pages on social networks. History lovers will be offered a thematic online excursion “Kazan Territory: Voivodeship – Province”. Those who like handicrafts will certainly be interested in the “Sweet for the Phone” master class. In the old days, small linen bags were called sweet-bagged bags, into which children put sweets. Today such a handbag can be easily made with your own hands and you can carry your phone in it. And finally, you can show your erudition during the museum online game “The Volga Way from the Varangians to the Persians.” The virtual program will be completed by an acoustic concert “Leaves Are Burning” by the Kazan cover group “Minhausen”.

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