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Archaeological find in Aznakaevo

Archaeological find in Aznakaevo


In the vicinity of Sarly village of the  Aznakaevsky district, a valuable archaeological find was discovered.

A local resident Ilshat Ilayev came across it in  summer when he  was grazing  cattle.

“I noticed a shiny object on the ground.” Taking it in his hands, he could see closer, it turned out to be a round metal product, on one side smooth, and on the other one could see an image of two fish. It was clear that there was a very ancient historical find in front of me, “he said.

Together with the schoolchildren Ilnur Khalikov, the physical education teacher of the local school, reported this finding to the well-known archeologist-scientist Albert Burkhanov, who did not take long to arrive and the other day arrived in Aznakayevo.

With his former student – now the editor-in-chief of the “Mayak” newspaper Farhat Shaykhulov – they visited the site of the discovery of the exhibit – the village of Sarly, met with the author of the find and students of the local school.

The scientist noticed in the collection of the local school museum several fragments of medieval ceramics and products of the 17th-19th centuries.

– In former times, local residents living on the Ik  river bank, engaged in fishing, farming, hunting, beekeeping and trade. We used to come across fragments of such metal products. Remains of ancient and medieval settlements were left on the bank of this river. Therefore, we often find in these places unique finds, including decorations of the Golden Horde period. The discovery of such a unique and integral exhibit – jewelry (mirror with the image of two fish) – a great event, – says Albert Akhmetzhanovich. “I would call the metal mirror of the 13th and 14th centuries a historical discovery and even a sensation.

The image of three fish is still preserved on the coat of arms of the city of Saratov – the medieval town of Ukek.

The scientist noted that preparations are underway for a conference on the history of the regions of the Ik river bank, to be held in Aznakayevo in mid-May 2018.

This event will be of great importance for the entire region of Eastern Tatarstan, West Bashkortostan and Orenburg region, located in the Ik river basin, as well as for regional historians and history lovers.


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