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Award for preservation of inter-ethnic relations

Award for preservation of inter-ethnic relations

In a district center of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous region “Yugra” “for their contributions to the development of inter-ethnic relations” handing Governor’s Award took place. The project by president of “Siyaniye (The Shining)” of national cultural center Fanziya Nigmatzyanova (Karmanova) ” Tugan Tel, Matur tel” was highly appreciated and awarded the highest award of the region. ” Chuvashs, Udmurts, Mari come to us, not only Tatars, Bashkirs. For us the main thing – to preserve our culture and traditions of the native language “, – expressed her opinion Fanziya Temeryanovna to TV channel “Yugra “.

The award by Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug “Yugra” is awarded for implementing projects (programs, activities, services) in the field of interethnic relations, for contribution to the creation of conditions for the preservation and development of national and

cultural traditions of peoples living on the territory of the autonomous region; for raising and strengthening tolerance among young people; search for new forms of cooperation with civil society institutions.

It is worth noting that Fanziya khanum is well known in Sovetskaya practically by a whole town. She was engaged in construction of the city mosque. She herself thought out a sketch, negotiated, searched and found sponsors, engaged in construction work.

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