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Award for the love of children

Award for the love of children

A child-minder of MBDOU “Kindergarten № 24 with the Tatar language education and training of combined type of Vakhitovsky district of Kazan Lilia Sharafieva for significant advances in the education of pre-school children, improving educational process, a great contribution to the formation of moral foundations in children and many years of fruitful work Diploma of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation has been awarded.

In the early 90’s, a young graduate of the Kazan pedagogical college teacher Lilia Sharafieva arranged to work as the child minder in kindergarten № 24 of the Vakhitovsky district. From earliest days, she has committed to her favorite work. By her work, she lays in the minors, yet goslings, love to the native language of their homeland, desire for knowledge, educate to respect their elders and to believe in themselves. Despite their young age, boys and girls possess initial basics of needlework: know how to hold a needle, sew and embroider, make different applications. Despite hard work, Lilia Faizovna finds an opportunity to please their parents and pupils. Under her conduct on the spring women’s day, children prepared for mothers the most precious gift, their first work – embroidered

handkerchiefs. It is worth noting that Lilia Faizovna very is kind to her nurslings: manages to be both strong, gentle, and patient.

For more than 20 years experience in the kindergarten № 24 Lilia Faizovna has seen off many preschoolers to school. Now it brings more children and their pupils. Knowing what kind of upbringing is given in the preschool, her former fosterlings bring to the kindergarten № 24 and trust their children. A considerable merit in this belongs to Lilia Sharafieva.

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