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Colors of Sabantui

Colors of Sabantui

June 10, 2014, at 14.00, an exhibition “Colors of Sabantui”, which is being organized for the 28th anniversary of opening of the museum opens at G.Tukai Literary Museum.

Sabantui – one of the most favorite holidays of Tatarstanians, and all who cherish the history and traditional culture of the Tatar people. Here what writes about the holiday a people’s poet Gabdulla Tukai in his memoir, “What I remember about myself” (1909): “And now – Sabantui. On this day, I was raised very early and given a small, little more than a pouch, the pouch. With this bag I went through the village. In every house where I went to, everywhere, knowing that I was orphaned son of Mullah, fed me over supposed for each boy, candy, two gingerbreads and painted egg. ”

The exhibition “Colors of Sabantui” to be featured by works of art, made by famous artists, telling about the brightest moments of the celebration. The works by Ravil Zagidullin, Raphael Bagavetdinova, Ildar Ahmadeeva, Abrek Abzgildina stored in the collections of the National Museum of Tatarstan, as well as works from private collections will feature the exhibition.

G. Tukai Literary Musuem

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