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To R.Z. Zakirov

Dear Rinat Zinurovich !

On behalf of the Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Muslims of Sverdlovsk region Muftiat we congratulate you, war veterans, home front workers and all people of goodwill on the 69 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War !

Time will not erase the memory of grateful descendants terrible lessons of the war in which the people of our homeland, our fathers and mothers, grandfathers and great grandfathers with dignity and courage survived the brutal massacre, defended peace and freedom.

Rejoicing in the Great Victory, we remember and mourn the dead, pray for them, honor and respect those who have and still lives among us!

Commend an awesome prayer to the Creator of all things about sending you, your family and friends good health, sincere desires fulfillment , peace , success in the works of the righteous deeds! Let the grace of Allah shed blessings on our blue planet! Peace to you, mercy of the Creator and His goodness!

Regards and good prayers

Chairman SBM SR ( Central mudtiyat)

Mufti Abdul Quddus ( N.I. Asharin )

Deputy Mufti Anwar Hazrat Dautov


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