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“Echo of Moscow” will speak  Tatar

“Echo of Moscow” will speak  Tatar

“Echo of Moscow” will speak  Tatar

August 06, 2018

On the air of the radio “Echo of Moscow” there will be a program “We speak  Tatar”. This was reported    by chief  editor  of  “Echo” Alexei Venediktov in the program “The essence of events.” The air was held on Saturday evening.

“Now, being in Buryatia, we   have decided with the” Echo of Moscow “in Ulan-Ude – of course, they are broadcasting in Russian – that they will do a small broadcasting  of the daily” We speak Buryat “. And I made a decision that we will have to leave when we are ready, a small program : “We speak Tatar,” said Venediktov.

He noted that the Tatars are the third ethnos in Moscow, and therefore it would be worth trying to make such a broadcasting . “First a small one. And there it will be seen. Now we are looking for people who would be authentic in the program. For you it will be a surprise – for those who did not listen today, “Venediktov said.






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