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Farid Mukhametshin: Mother tongue is the main mechanism for personal self-development

Farid Mukhametshin: Mother tongue is the main mechanism for personal self-development

February 21, 2020

The mother tongue is the main mechanism for personal self-development, said Farid Mukhametshin, Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chairman of the Council of the Assembly of the People of Tatarstan in his congratulation on the Day of the Mother Tongue addressed to residents of the republic.

“This memorable date was established in order to attract the attention of the world community to the problems of protecting and preserving linguistic and cultural diversity and is celebrated on February 21 in all corners of the globe,” said Mukhametshin.

He recalled that, according to various estimates, today in the world there are just over seven thousand languages, but about four hundred are in danger of complete extinction, since the number of their speakers is rapidly declining due to objective reasons: representatives of small nations come into contact with more strong linguistic environment, assimilate and lose their native language skills, lose their emotional connection with the culture of their ancestors.

Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan expressed concern about this, since each ethnic group draws its spiritual strength precisely in its original culture and language, which are the key to maintaining national identity.

“Many experts agree that the language fades away if less than 70% of children learn it. After all, the mother tongue is also the main mechanism of personal self-development, the possibility of creative self-expression, the way and form of perception transmitted from generation to generation, ”   F.  Mukhametshin says.

According to Farid Mukhametshin, modern Tatarstan is a region of high culture of interethnic communication, strong, time-tested traditions of mutual understanding and respect. Representatives of 173 nationalities live here. It is expected that the All-Russian population census planned in October this year will not only clarify the quantitative and national composition, but also determine the level of knowledge of native languages, which will contribute to a more balanced ethnocultural policy in the country and the republic.

“The ideas of providing equal opportunities for representatives of all nations and nationalities to study their languages, preserve traditions and comprehensive development of cultures are enshrined in the Concept of State National Policy of the Republic of Tatarstan updated in 2019; found reflection in the project “Adymnar – the path to knowledge and harmony” to create a network of multilingual educational institutions, ”said  Chairman of the Council of the Assembly of Peoples of Tatarstan.

He emphasized that for more than a quarter century, the Assembly of the People of Tatarstan, an authoritative public institution that unites  national and cultural organizations of the republic, has been actively working to preserve linguistic and cultural ethnic identity, strengthen the atmosphere of mutual trust and harmony.

“On this memorable day, I want to wish everyone to be more attentive and tolerant of each other. Respect  spiritual traditions and customs of different nations. Love your mother tongue, write and speak it more often, and keep your speech clear. All of us, regardless of nationality and religion, are citizens of a great country and strive for a common goal – to live happily and safely, in peace and harmony. So let International Mother Language Day become for us a real holiday of Peace, Friendship and Good! Bәyrәm belәn! ” – concluded Farid Mukhametshin.



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