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Forum of intellectual creativity of youth in Aktanysh

Forum of intellectual creativity of youth in Aktanysh

Leading scientists of research centers and universities in Tatarstan, in particular, the main researcher IYALI after G. Ibragimov, the RT Academy of Sciences, doctor of philosophical scienes Z. Z. Ramiev, Head Department of History of the Tatar-Bulgarian civilization, History Institute after Sh. Mardzhani, RT AS A.A.Burkhanov and Professor of General Physics of Kazan Federal University, Doctor of Phys-Math Sciences A.I.Fishman met and delivered thematic lectures to organizers and participants of the Inter-regional forum on project management “Forum of intellectual creativity of youth” Agyydel “, is being held from August 10 to 23 this year, in Aktanysh (Aktanyshsky region of the Republic of Tatarstan). Participation in similar activities – is one of the most important activities of leadership and scientific departments of the Institute of History after Sh. Mardzhani RT AS that are held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of

Tatarstan, Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars, regional authorities and public organizations of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation subjects, higher and secondary specialized educational institutions and schools in rural district and cities of the Republic of Tatarstan, and cultural bodies of museums.

The forum was organized on the initiative of the Administration of the Aktanysh municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Ministry of Education and Science, with the support of RT President R.N. Minnikhanov.

Speakers and trainers of the program “Agyydel” N.Chardymova (pool manager for the Council of Europe Youth Department, director of the interregional public organization “Academy of Innovations” (Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan), R.S. Khakimov (Director of the Institute of History of the RT Academy of Sciences after Sh.Mardzhani) A.I. Fishman (professor KFU), K. Fedorova (coach of federal projects and member of the Board of the National Council of youth and children’s organizations of Russia (Moscow), I.S.Antipin (Chemical Institute after A.M. Butlerov KFU, professor), D.Fazlitdinova (English teacher) and others.

The aim of the forum: to unite young people aged 14 to 17 years, captivated by intellectual creativity and

project activities, creating a space for learning the newest technologies of project management, sharing out experiences and ideas in the field of advanced intelligent technologies, followed by implementation of ideas in topical areas of development of the Republic of Tatarstan. This program is implemented in the framework of the priority of the RT direction indicated in the strategy 2030 – Human Capital.

Youth camp “Agyydel” in Aktanysh traditionally is held on the basis of humanitarian boarding school for gifted children of the Aktanysh region in stationary-camp conditions not the first year. To this end, in addition to the main building and wooden houses, for accommodation of visitors in a given territory, the forest park is equipped with an open-air sports and concert venues, lectures and master classes in the form of tents, and other.

The youth camp Agyydel of summer 2016 has already begun its work of 4th shift in the form of the aforementioned Forum. To participate in the forum more than 560 applications have been submitted, including 484 from the regions and cities of Tatarstan and 77 of the Russian Federation. As a result, to take part in the forum 90 pupils and students of secondary specialized educational institutions of RT were selected and invited,

50 – students from the regions of Russia (Republic of Bashkortostan, Mari El, Udmurtia and Karelia, the Perm Region, the Moscow Region and the City of Moscow, Orenburg, Samara, Sverdlovsk , Chelyabinsk and Tyumen regions), 20 – invited speakers and trainers from the Council of Europe, 20 – (academics and professionals) Organizing Committee employees and 30 guests.

As the organizers and participants maintain , the forum “Agyydel” – a territory of innovation and tradition. Therefore the important problem of the forum – the perception and assimilation of traditions of Tatar culture, the introduction of innovative approaches to the development of talented and creative individual, promoting personal formation of youth. The program of traditional events intertwined with the innovative technology of cultural and leisure, sports and educational activities.

More than half of the participants of the forum have a good command Tatar language, taking into account the fact that here there are about 70 per cent of children of Tatar nationality. The remaining 30 percent are of other nationalities -. Udmurt, Mari, Mordovians, Russian, Jews, and others, as well as part of the Tatars of Russian regions came to study the Tatar language in the course of the year. Therefore, on the forum all lectures and events

are held simultaneously in the Tatar and Russian languages.

The Forum program is aimed at creating space for an expert resource improvement projects and bring their technology to the unique project. The forum program consists of three blocks.

As part of the 1 block participants held educational sessions on specific areas of activity, in particular, that – 1) motivation, 2) the ideology and value, 3) ideas and innovation, 4) technology and systems, 5) marketing and PR, 6) management teams 7) management.

The next block (2) provides for workshops and meetings with authors of successful projects, experts and speakers in some areas, with innovative facilities, Tatarstan universities. As part of the workshops, participants will raise the level of knowledge of English and Tatar languages.

3 block provides a passage of Pecha Kucha (technological project presentations), consulting experts, projects, communication and search for project partners, negotiations for the prospects of cooperation.

In conclusion, we note that A.I. Fishman, A.A. Burkhanov and Z.Z. Ramiev, July 12-13, 2016, held a series of lectures in Russian and Tatar languages, answered

questions from participants. Lectures were delivered in parallel in different classrooms. In particular, Professor A.I.Fishman spoke about the latest achievements and discoveries of physicists of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation, of the importance of their implementation in life in new practical realities. Doctor of Philology Z.Z.Ramiev told about new achievements of Tatar literature, in particular, on the outcome of the creation of the encyclopedia on G.Tukay about important moments of life and activity of the great Tatar poet.

A.A.Burkhanov spoke about the most important scientific works of scientists – RT historians and archaeologists, problems and tasks of the study of regional history and local history of Tatarstan and Tatar world of “white spots” in Tatar history.

The scientists presented scientific books by RT scientists to best participants. In addition, they participated in workshops, listened to creative performances by 10 teams – participants of the project “Agyydel-2016.”

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