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“From century to century”

“From century to century”


The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan will host an exhibition of paintings by Finat Nabiullin. Visitors will be able to see works that were  painted  specifically for the exhibition and have not been presented anywhere before: “Sak Sok”, “Kazan Sulgese” (“Kazan Towel”), “Minarets of the Tatar Sloboda”, “Sabantuy”, “Meeting of Argamaks”, “Horses Tatar breed ”and“ Evening walk to the Volga ”.

The presentation of  exhibition “From century to century” will take place on February 11 at 15.00 at the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan. The title of the exhibition emphasizes the connection between the theme of Finat Yadgarovich’s paintings with the history and culture of Tatarstan. The exhibition consists of several series: historical, dedicated to the culture of our people, animalistic and landscape. For the first time, paintings will be exhibited, which can be conventionally called sketches about the cultural life of our region. The historical series presents pictures about the Volga Bulgaria and the Kazan Khanate.

Special attention should be paid to paintings devoted to horses, their grace, strength and beauty. The artist’s works on the theme of horses were selected for display in France at the Vincennes Hippodrome as part of the “Days of Russia in Paris” in 2003.

In recent years, F. Nabiullin has been enthusiastically working in landscape painting. A special place is occupied by the majestic nature of Tatarstan, the landscapes, which began from the open air in Bilyar. The penetrating perception of nature is laid down in the work “Evening Walk”, which reveals the lyric-romantic vision of the artist. The work “September Morning” deserves special attention. Its green-turquoise, blue-blue and gold colors fills it with bright sounds of life and poetic beauty.

Finat Nabiullin is a participant in numerous exhibitions, whose works are kept in museums in Kazan, Ufa, Omsk, Penza, in private collections in Russia and abroad (Germany, France, Czech Republic, Holland, USA, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus). The artist was awarded a bronze medal “For Contribution to the National Culture” of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, certificates of honor from various departments.

The exhibition is timed to coincide with the artist’s jubilee, on January 31st he turned 60. The exhibition will last until February 26th. Entrance with Museum tickets.




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