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II All-Russian Traditional Archery Tournament “Tugan Batyr”

II All-Russian Traditional Archery Tournament “Tugan Batyr”

On September 16, the II All-Russian traditional archery tournament “Tugan Batyr” will take place in Yelabuga.

The competition takes place on the territory of the object of cultural heritage of federal significance “Elabuga settlement”. The participants of the tournament will be able to experience a nomadic lifestyle by living in a tent city. Everyone will be able to become part of a huge family of brave shooters and compete for the main prize of the tournament – 40 thousand rubles. The prize fund is 200 thousand rubles.

The organizers of the tournament are the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Mukhtasibat of Yelabuga and Yelabuga district, the administration of Yelabuga, the Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve; Tugan Avylym national tourist complex, “Mergen Uksy” assosication (Bashkir – “Sharp shooter”); the men’s sports club “MAKSAT”; Archery Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The tournament is held with the aim of promoting the historical, ethnic, folklore and cultural heritage of peoples; popularization of traditional archery.

Archers over 16 years old, as well as children 10-15 years old from the Republic of Tatarstan, regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries can participate in the tournament. Archers must be in folk historical costume and have their own shooting equipment – a bow, arrows, quiver and a spear.

Applications are accepted until September 10, 2023. Registration on the website

Tournament Director Gazimov Ilnur, tel. +7-927-040-13-08
Competition coordinator Kamil Sharafutdinov, tel. +7917-924-12-84.

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