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Ildus Shaydullin  as the “Chief Tatar” of Chuvashia elected

Ildus Shaydullin  as the “Chief Tatar” of Chuvashia elected


Ildus Shaydullin  as the “Chief Tatar” of Chuvashia elected


In DK Urmaevo, Komsomolsk district of Chuvashia, in the native village of  chairman of the National-Cultural Autonomy of Tatars Ferit Gibatdinov, who died  a week ago, a meeting was held on the election of a new head of the NKAT Chechen Republic. The members of the autonomy unanimously elected Gibatdinov’s student Ildus Shaydullin to this post.

Ildus Minseetovich is 39 years old, he was born on December 26, 1980 in the village of Urmaevo, from a young age he participated as a soloist in the ensemble “Mishar”, headed by Ferit Gibatdinov, was essentially his right hand.

In 2018,  President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minikhanov signed a decree “On conferring the honorary title” Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan “for his contribution to the development of musical art Ildus Shaydullin, a teacher of the municipal budgetary institution of additional education” Komsomolskaya children’s school of arts “of the Komsomolsk district of the Chuvash Republic, a member of a public organization “National-cultural autonomy of the Tatars of the Chuvash Republic”.

According to the chairman of the SAM Chuvashia, a member of the Public Chamber of the Chechen Republic, Mansur Khaibullov, the new chairman has been tasked with continuing the work of his successor.

“Shaydullin was tasked with continuing all the plans that Ferit Abyi began to implement, just as he worked for the national-cultural autonomy of the Tatars of Chuvashia in conjunction with the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Chuvash Republic. We must preserve the unity of the Tatars, which we have always had. The head of the Koresh Federation of our republic, Ferid Chabatov, proposed Shaydullin’s candidacy as the successor to the work of Ferit Aby, his student, fellow countryman. The Muftiate fully agrees with this. We are always united, even this meeting began and ended with the reading of the Koran.

Currently, about 36 thousand Tatars live in Chuvashia, most of whom are concentrated in two neighboring districts – Batyrevsky and Komsomolsky, ”he said.




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