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In Brussels, a master class on the Tatar ornament held

In Brussels, a master class on the Tatar ornament held


In Brussels, at the Art Studio “Artyom”  a master class on the Tatar ornament was held.  On Sunday, February 4, a group of children of European compatriots gathered together to plunge into the world of Tatar art. Young participants worked on the technique of creating a national ornament, gradually singling out key moments.

It was the key task of the lesson to be able to determine the Tatar motives in the diversity of other species. As explained by the professional artist and studio director Vitaly Timashkov, drawing patterns is music for the eyes. Even simple coloring of geometric figures in a combination of bizarre images of flowers and leaves, regulates thoughts, creates inspiration. In addition to the skills of fine arts, children in the studio “Artyom” received information about the use of ornaments in everyday life, ranging from fine jewelry to monumental architectural structures. The artist has a lot and fun to talk about the manner of drawing ornaments for this topic is especially familiar to him. They just have   finished work on illustrating of book paint by numbers “A Colorful Russia”, and the first packages began to arrive in European stores. The book was published in Italy at once in three independent versions, in three languages ​​with translation of each into Russian.

The shortest path to knowledge of national art, according to the master, is the recognition of simple elements in a complex pattern. Each child carried with him on this day artistically in the Tatar national style a framed frame for photographs of his own making and primary knowledge of the fine arts of the Tatar people. Even tea drinking in the course of the master class played a general theme – the chak-chak and shortbread cookies in the form of elements of the Tatar ornament were fixed by the artist’s lesson.

Master class on the national pattern at the studio “Artyom” became a single competing Days of the Tatar culture in Belgium. They were orgaised by activists of the association “Tatars of Belgium”. The first part of the event took place on February 3 at the Russian Center for Science and Culture. Compatriots and the native population of the country got acquainted with the masterpieces of the applied art of Tatar culture, a concert program, two presentations on ethnic costume were carried out.

The Union of Tatars of Belgium,

Lilia Valeeva

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