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In Kazan the XVI World Aquatics has opened

In Kazan the XVI World Aquatics has opened

Dear people of Tatarstan!

July 24, 2015, in Kazan, the XVI World Championships in Aquatics opens. More than 5400 athletes from 190 countries, including the 1161 athletes from the Russian Federation will compete in 6 types of water sports mainly Championship and 5 kinds in a tournament “Masters”.

FINA World Aquatics is the second most important and attractive after the global football World Cup, and the matches in Kazan are to become a record by number of athletes and participating countries. Witnesses of water festival in the capital of Tatarstan will be over 4.5 billion television viewers of the world.

75 sets of medals will be played.

These days we expect brilliant victories by Russian athletes and our compatriots in the Russia team, and all participants of the competition – the highest achievements in sport and excitement from struggle.

The XVI World Championships in Aquatics – is one of the world’s most important sporting events in 2015, and the biggest sporting event in the history of modern Tatarstan and Russia. The holding of this prestigious international event was made possible thanks to the support of Russia President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government, the International Swimming Federation FINA. The long-awaited event is the result of common efforts by the republic’s residents involved in preparing sports facilities and involved in championship.

It should be said that Kazan had developed sports and transport infrastructure, construction and facilities of international level thanks to passed in 2013 the XXVII World Student Games. The legacy of the Universiade continues to serve the interests of all residents of Tatarstan, facilitate the inclusion of the mass sports and physical education. Created sports facilities are a platform for preparation of sporting talent, and started championship and planned for the coming years, other world competitions in many sports grant Kazan the status of the sports capital of Russia.

I would like to say that gained during the Universiade organizing experience and established contacts at all levels fully in demand this season.

Over the years, our country, its capital Kazan has significantly transformed.

Despite the crisis and Western sanctions, the economy of Tatarstan is steadily developing. Enterprises of the Kamsky industrial clusters, special economic zone “Alabuga”, Innopolis become new points of our growth. Preservation of interethnic and interreligious harmony and peace, a balanced, focused on the needs and requirements of people social policy, the priority development of education and science, support for talent remains a priority for socio-economic progress.

In the year marking the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, our youth has received a powerful patriotic charge. The Great Victory was and remains our moral compass.

We have declared 2015 the Year of parks and gardens. The events implemented within its framework will enable further beautification of our towns and cities, making them more comfortable and attractive. A big held in the republic for conservation of monuments of culture and history, development of hospitality industry, allow the capital and other cities of Tatarstan to become a center of attraction for the Russian and international tourism and pilgrimage.

We have prepared a rich cultural program of the championship. During the days of competitions, numerous activities at the Park FINA, museums and theaters of the capital offer interesting exhibitions, new productions. August 1, Kazan and all the guests of the republic are waiting for the main Sabantui in a capital of Tatarstan. I am confident that our batyrs and artists will be able to fully show the sporting spirit of the Tatar people, richness of our culture and originality, the guests and participants of the championship will take with a vivid impression of the hospitality and cordiality of Tatarstan!

Congratulations to the participants and guests of the XVI World Aquatics Championships 2015 in the city of Kazan and the XVI World Championship in water sports in the category “Masters”, as well as all citizens of the republic with the opening of the championship! I invite you to become a participant of unforgettable sporting and cultural events! Let the bright pages of this festival of sport, youth, as well as the emotions and excitement of sports victories will remain forever in our hearts!

Acting President of the Republic of Tatarstan R.N. Minnikhanov

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