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In Moscow the opera “Tullyak” by Nazib Zhiganov  to be presented  

In Moscow the opera “Tullyak” by Nazib Zhiganov  to be presented  

October 26, 2019

November 4 on the stage of the Children’s Musical Theater named after  N.I. Sats  one of the most beautiful operas of the classic of Tatar music by Nazib Zhiganov – “Tyulyak” will  be played. The production will be held as part of the Fourth Festival of Musical Theaters of Russia “Seeing Music”.

Accompanied by the orchestra, the epic opera will be performed by: Ilgiz Mukhutdinov, Aidar Gilmutdinov, Ilnar Davletshin, Aigul Gardislamova, Syumbel Sitdikova, Ruslan Zakirov, Airat Ganiev, Ilnar Davletshin and many others.

A demonstration of a film about Nazib Zhiganov will be organized for the audience in the lobby of the theater.

According to the story based on the work of Naki Isanbet, Alimbek Khan decides to marry his daughter Aembike in order to continue the clan and appear the heir to the throne. Sartlan and Sultan Gerey compete for the hand of his daughter. But Tyuljak appears on the field. He turns out to be Sartlan’s paternal brother. In addition, he and Aembika have long been in love with each other. Tuljak wins the battle, but Sartlan and Sultan Gerey intrigue the hero.

As a result, Tyulyak falls into the underwater kingdom of Lake Asylkul. The daughter of the underwater king Susylu marries him. But Tyulyak finds out that a bloody battle is going on in Bulgaria and is rushing to the ground. And the underwater king, offended, turns his daughter into fog. Once on the ground, Tyulyak eventually loses both Aembika and Susyl.

The opera Tyulyak is a performance about love for the Motherland, self-sacrifice for protection of the native land, as well as sincere love between a man and a woman.


Beginning at 19:00.

Address: Moscow, Ave. Vernadsky, d. 5.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office and by phone: 8 (495) 120-25-15.



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