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In Nurlat, the Year of Native Languages ​​and National Unity started with a big festive event

In Nurlat, the Year of Native Languages ​​and National Unity started with a big festive event

A festive concert dedicated to the start of the Year of Native Languages ​​and National Unity took place in the city Palace of Culture. The event was held with  participation of peoples of different nationalities living in our area.

The residents of the district began acquaintance with the culture of multinational Nurlat from the lobby of the Palace of Culture. There was an exhibition of handicrafts of various nationalities, where residents of Nurlat could get acquainted with their traditions and customs.

They were also able to join e impromptu festival of goose feathers of the Nurlat local branch of the World Congress of Tatars. Everyone became a guest of the Tatar village, together with grandmothers in snow-white headscarves, women in kalfaks, they cleaned a goose feather, made pillows.

The event was attended by  head of the region and the city Almaz Akhmetshin, he welcomed participants of the concert and noted that peoples of different nationalities have been living together in our region for centuries. In the Year of native languages ​​and national unity announced by  President of the Republic of Tatarstan, we plan to hold about 150 official events in the Nurlat district, Almaz Akhmetshin added.

Today, the friendly Nurlat family unites 17 different nationalities, where the majority are Tatars, Russians and Chuvash. To preserve  native language, culture, national traditions and customs, no matter where you live, love for your nation, pride in it must be in your heart.

For example, the performances of the ensemble “My Armenia”, created on the Nurlat land, carried the people of Nurlat to the majestic mountains of Armenia. The ensemble, which united children and adults, reminded one big friendly family.

“Today about 25 of our compatriots performed on the stage, they are representatives of several families. Although we are not blood relatives, we live on the Nurlat land as close relatives. In families we speak only our own language. Very soon we are planning to open a Sunday school in the House of Friendship of Peoples, where we are going to give our children lessons in our language. The Nurlat land has become close to us, like a homeland, ”says Varduhi Harutyunyan.

They fully revealed  linguistic and artistic skills of the district residents and the performances prepared by  district’s talents on stage. Songs and dances of peoples of different nationalities, performed by representatives of different generations at a professional level, were greeted with a storm of applause.

This is how the Year of Native Languages ​​and National Unity has been  launched in Nurlat! The concert brought together and showed the wealth of the national heritage of the different peoples who live in the area.

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