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Meeting of European Tatars

Meeting of European Tatars

April 6-8, an extended meeting of the executive committee of “European Alliance of Tatars” will be held in city of Brno (Czech Republic).

Brno gathers five dozen representatives of Tatar organizations from 17 European countries. April 6, delegates will be present at the concert of Tatarstan masters of arts at the opening of the forum “The Days of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Czech Republic.” April 7, the delegates are expected to salute the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustem Minnikhanov who comes to the enlarged meeting of the executive committee of the “European Alliance of Tatars.”

The meeting will also be attended by Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars Rinat Zakirov, Russian Foreign Ministry representative Nikolai Barabanov.

It is expected that at the meeting will speak: Albina Valeeva from Bulgaria, Zilya Karimova from Lithuania, Rita Hasanova from Hungary, Talgat Ismailov from Slovakia, Jerzy Shakhunevich from Poland, Rustem Husainov from Holland, Guzel Agishina from France, Venera Vagizova from Germany, Fauzia Hadiullina from Estonia, Bari Dianov from Germany, Regina Valeeva from Belgium. They will discuss the

preservation of the native language and setting up the club of Entrepreneurs under the “Alliance of Tatars of Europe”, the role of businessmen of Tatar origin in the preservation and development of Tatar culture in the EU, the role of the periodical press in the Tatar ethnocultural uniting of Tatars.

The meeting to be conducted by chairman of the “European Alliance of Tatars” Flyur Sharipov. It is planned adopting new members to the Alliance. By outcomes the resolution will be taken up.

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