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Mintimer Shaimiev: We are starting the revival of the intangible cultural heritage

Mintimer Shaimiev: We are starting the revival of the intangible cultural heritage

On July 15, at the historical and archaeological complex, Tatarstan State Councilor, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Regional Revival Fund and the UNESCO Good Will Ambassador Mintimer Shaimiev opened the festival “Revival: Epos in a Modern Reading, organized by Tatarstan Ministry of Culture and the Revival Regional Fund.

The idea of holding the festival got a year ago, when the Revival Fund together with Tatarstan Ministry of Culture for the first time in the open air at the walls of the historical monument of the 14th century – the Black Chamber organized the show of the opera-legend «Kara pulat» in Bolgar. The project of the festival was the winner of the first grant competition of Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives in 2023.

Creative associations, masters of decorative and applied art, folk arts and crafts, craftsmen, designers, fashion designers from the regions of Russia, CIS countries and Asia took part in the festival.

Mintimer Shaimiev addressed the festival participants with a welcoming speech.

“We have not yet fully appreciated why we are here and what is happening. Let us remember today’s meeting. I believe that a new phenomenon is being born on the holy land of Bolgar, a milestone event is taking place. You know that UNESCO has two areas – the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage. The tangible heritage is what we have revived – Bolgar, Sviyazhsk and Kazan Kremlin. They have already gained worldwide recognition. We started this 10 -15 years ago, and we have succeeded more than anyone else. We will continue this path. And today we start a new stage – the revival of intangible cultural heritage. This should be done because it is the folk creativity of different times, it is the wisdom, talent, destiny, culture and history of every nation. Ethos is a national heritage, cultural and spiritual heritage. Today, against the backdrop of revived monuments of tangible heritage, we begin the stage of revival of intangible heritage. It is the responsibility of all adults of all peoples to pass on the spiritual heritage to our children. This is the matter to be undertaken. Usually our words and deeds do not diverge. If we speak, we already do. Otherwise you will not fall asleep, this thought does not give rest. It is a demand of the time, we should not lag behind other countries. We are capable of doing it. Let’s learn from each other,” Shaimiev said and thanked everyone for participating in the festival.

Tatarstan State Counselor also handed in the Letters of Gratitude from the Revival Regional Fund to the organizers of the panel discussion “The Role of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in the Sustainable Development of Regions”, held at Kazan Federal University during the XIV International Economic Forum “Russia – Islamic World: KazanForum” on May this year.

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