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Motifs of Tatar Patterns in National Costumes

Motifs of Tatar Patterns in National Costumes

Clothing is an attribute that helps to identify a person’s nationality, religion or profession. The traditional costume has always been a distinctive part of a particular nation or ethnic group. Although there are practically no differences in the style of clothing worn in modern Europe and Asia, the national costume still remains a source of pride for every nation, and can be used to draw conclusions about its customs and traditions.

The national decorative patterns of the Tatar costume have passed through the centuries and they are one of the main sources of pride for the Tatar people. Attire, shoes and headwear always had numerous decorative elements. Tatars still love decorating clothes with ornate patterns, depicting them on dishes, household items, and jewelry. Gold embroidery, coins and beads are very popular. The patterns most often feature floral motifs.

The national costume has always been decorated. There were a lot of decorations, and both men and women wore them. These were large gold rings, signature rings, rings, belt buckles, women’s braid pins, earrings, pendants, and much more. The exhibition features coats, chitek boots, headwear including kalfaks, tubeteikas, sarauts, scarves, and other items.

During its existence, the national Tatar costume has come a long way of historical development. The exhibition “Motifs of Tatar Patterns in National Costumes” explored its rich history.

Exhibits are marked with AR stickers for identification purposes.

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