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Musa Jalil: “Living in such a way as not to die after death”

Musa Jalil: “Living in such a way as not to die after death”

Musa Jalil: “Living in such a way as not to die after death”

February  10, 2020

February 15 marks the 114th anniversary of the birth of the great poet Musa Jalil. On this day in Moscow  a traditional ceremony of laying flowers at the monument to the hero poet will take place.

The ceremony will be attended by  daughter of Musa Jalil – Chulpan Museevna Zalilova.

The organizer of the event, the Plenipotentiary Representation of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation, invites you to take part in the event who are not indifferent to the poet’s memory.

We  remind  that the monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union Musa Jalil in Moscow was opened in August 2012 with the support of Moscow Mayor Sergei Semenovich Sobyanin and Tatarstan President Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov.

Beginning at 11.00.

Address: st. M. Jalil (at the beginning), Art. Borisovo metro station.

For reference

The great poet Musa Jalil was born, was born on February 15, 1906 in the Orenburg region, but his life was closely connected with the capital. In Moscow, he lived, studied and worked for about 15 years. Graduated from Moscow State University   after  M.V. Lomonosov. He took an active part in the public educational activities of the Tatar society, combining with poetic creativity.

 From Moscow in February 1942, Musa Jalil was sent to the front, where he worked in the editorial office of the newspaper “Courage”. At the front, the seriously wounded Jalil was captured, where, together with like-minded people, he created an underground resistance group to fascism, which was preparing an escape from captivity.

 In February 1944, a Nazi court sentenced 11 organizers of underground work to death for undermining the military power of the Reich. On August 25, 1944, Soviet patriots of the Tatar resistance group to fascism were beheaded on a guillotine in the Pletzensee prison on the outskirts of Berlin.

 In 1956, the poet was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for the exceptional stamina and courage shown in the struggle against Nazi invaders.

 In 1957, Musa Jalil was awarded the title of Lenin Prize laureate for the series of poems “Moabite Notebook” written in captivity.

 In 2016, commemorative medals were made for the 110th anniversary of the birth of Musa Jalil on the order of the Tatarstan Mission and the Fellowship of Tatarstan. They were presented to people who contributed to the preservation of the memory and heritage of Musa Jalil. More than 1000 people who live not only in Russia but also abroad have been awarded.

 On the front side of the medal is Musa Jalil in the form of a political instructor, and on the back is the poet’s words: “Live in such a way that you don’t die even after death.” Commemorative medals were accompanied by the appeal of the daughter of the hero poet Chulpan Zalilova to admirers of her father’s work.



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