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Museum began with his name

Museum began with his name

July 17, 2014, National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan will mark 182 years since the birth of the collector, archaeologist, numismatist Andrei Fedorovich Likhachev, whose collections had formed the basis of the museum.

The museum is not conceivable without collection of objects – the cornerstone of its existence, which determine all museum activities and put up for public display. Collection of Andrei Likhachev is of paramount importance. Items from his collection are the pride of our museum, their value over time is increasing.

At 14.00, the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan holds a thematic tour “Numismatic Collection”, during which the items to be presented from the Likhachev’s collection, as well as biography and work of the famous collector.

On this memorable day, an outdoor event it is planned for researchers of the museum. They will visit avillage Polyanki where A.F. Likhachev was buried to lay flowers on his grave. In the administrative building of the village a multimedia presentation about the PT NM exhibits from the collections of the scholar will be held.

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