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Penza “Ak kalfak” visiting Ulyanovskiy  “Ak Kalfak”

Penza “Ak kalfak” visiting Ulyanovskiy “Ak Kalfak”

April 2, 2017,  at the Center for Tatar Culture of the Inzensky district of the Ulyanovsk region held an extended spring meeting of guests, activists and indifferent fellow tribesmen. The awakening of nature, apparently, sets people up for good deeds. The topic of the event was  creation of a local representation of the women’s Tatar organization “Ak kalfak”.

The team of the initiators of the event included First Deputy Head of the Administration of the Municipal Education of Inzensky District Maria Kireeva, Head of the Culture Department of the Inzensky District Administration Nuga Nugaeva, a representative of the local clergy, Imam Khatib Kanteev Rafael Syabbatulovich.

From official speeches, we learned that among the 22,000 citizens of this area there live, a bit, quite a few, 500 Tatars. There is a need to create a women’s organization, especially since the conditions in the Center for Tatar culture for all kinds of creative activity have been built up worthy.

As expensive ideological allies and the main support group, already experienced colleagues, active figures of the social movement of Tatar women from the neighboring Penza region were invited. Chairman of the Ak Kalpak of the Sursky Region Elmira Vasilyeva

In her speech she spoke about the goals and tasks of the cultural community of the Tatars, shared her work experience in her region, on the screen a presentation video of master classes, national traditional rituals, acts of charity, cultural events,

etc., were shown as well as familiarized the audience with the diverse possibilities of attracting fellow tribesmen in their ranks. “A successful completion of the colorful project” Abikai-maturkai” marked the course for  opening of the next long-term regional contest” Kurkem galee “, continued Elmira Khamzeevna. “The key to such a rapid rise in activity for the sake of reviving and strengthening national self-consciousness is certainly the purposeful competent central leadership from Tatarstan represented by Kadria Idrisova and  Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars. Following their recommendations, manifesting and adding their initiative, visiting  forums and participating in all-Russian events, we unite with a great desire to create the newest Tatar culture at a level worthy of our beautiful time. ”

A creative greeting was a performance on the stage of the Center for Young Vocalists from the Penza region by Marat and Yulia Gurkins. The Inzensky audience warmly received their fervent Tatar songs, and Nelya Madzhitovna sincerely thanked Elmira Vasilyeva for the visit,  head of the children’s collective of the Kamensky district Nelya Kaneyeva for  professional children’s performance, handed over the memorable gifts of the Penza delegation and expressed her hope for further cultural cooperation and strong neighborly friendship .

Penza. Informed by “Ak kalfak” L. Trengulova

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