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The final of the oblast contest

The final of the oblast contest

Today, February 18, in Chelyabinsk,  the final of the VIII oblast  contest of reciters for the best reading  out of the works by the anti-fascist poet, Hero of the Soviet Union, Musa Jalil will take place.

The slogan of the competition can be the words of a Tatar poet:

I am to all the prisons on earth
Throwing  my  curse
And the sky, the sun and people
I   Love, love, love!

The atmosphere in the competitive classes has always been both exciting and creative. The participants of the contest have not only jubilated the members of the jury with the soulful performance of Jalil’s works, but also with artistry.

In the jubilee for the Congress of Tatars of the Chelyabinsk oblast, the year will be no less interesting and informative for thousands of students of the Southern Urals who study the Tatar native language.

In the finals, up to two hundred participants from every second city and district of the region always take part.

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