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Petersburg Tatars test their knowledge of the native language

Petersburg Tatars test their knowledge of the native language

In St. Petersburg, at the educational – cultural center of the institute named after Kayum Nasyyri “Tatarcha dictation” was held.

The auctioned was aimed at increasing interest in literate spelling proficiency of literary Tatar, a self-test of spelling and grammatical errors. A passage from the story of the Tatar writer Eniki “Zhiz kyngyrau” was dictated for participants. The text has been read by a famous Tatar poetess of St. Petersburg Khalida Gilazova.

In St. Petersburg, an acute problem of the knowledge of the Tatar language stands up . The younger generation badly or does not has mother tongue, according to statistics, only 23% of Tatar families use at home theTatar language as a major. In St. Petersburg, there is no full-scale Tatar school. But courses in the Tatar language are conducted regularly and on multiple platforms. For many years, learning the native language has been

organized by Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of St. Petersburg and North-West region of Russia. Currently, more than a year courses are held at the Centre “Kayum Nasyri Institute” at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Tatarstan in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, teaching began at the national and cultural home “LUCH- NUR” in the city of St. Petersburg.

Participants of the events included schoolchildren, students and adults, noted that the text was difficult, but interesting, many have the desire to read a full work. The dictation was attended by over 25 people: full composition of the staff of the Permanent Mission, people of different professions and ages, well-known St. Petersburg artist Rashid Gilazov and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Tatarstan R.N. Valiullin whose work received a score of “5”.

We hope that holding of such actions will contribute to increased interest in the study of Tatar language, increase the interest in the history, culture, customs and traditions of the Tatar people.

According to the materials of RT Permanent Mission in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

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