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Putin called Mahmut Gareev a real patriot

Putin called Mahmut Gareev a real patriot

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences and words of support in connection with the death of World War II veteran Mahmut Gareev. A telegram addressed to the children of the veteran – Timur Gareev and Galia Krainova, is published on the Kremlin website.

“Army General Mahmut Gareev was a worthy representative of the celebrated generation of winners, a strong-willed, energetic person and a true patriot,” the head of state emphasized.

He noted that Makhmut Akhmetovich “courageously passed the front roads of the Great Patriotic War”, and after that he devoted himself to the development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, strengthening the country’s defense capability and national security.

“Makhmut Akhmetovich performed his official duty with honor, was an example for colleagues and subordinates, and until the last day took an active part in significant social activities, in the veteran movement,” said Vladimir Putin, emphasizing that his knowledge, experience and dedication to his work have always been were in demand in various areas of activity of Gareev.

December 25, the Soviet and Russian military leader, president of the Academy of Military Sciences, doctor of military and historical sciences, retired army general Makhmut Gareev suddenly died in his 97th year of life.

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