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Red Island has gathered a holiday

Red Island has gathered a holiday

Red Island has gathered a holiday


The  Sechenovsky district Sabantui after the 9-year hiatus took place on July 14 in the only Tatar village on the Red Island of the Nizhny Novgorod region. It was organized jointly with the village administration by a dozen sponsors from among the residents and natives of the village.

Despite the fact that this village is one of the smallest among the Tatar settlements, the national holiday was held on a large scale.

On the Sabantuy Square, many attractions for children were organized and many retail outlets with different national dishes from the set of Tatar settlements of nearby regions were present even by businessmen from the neighboring Chuvash Republic with their products.

The cultural program was started by pupils of the Islamic educational camp, “Krasnai shukertlәre” under the leadership of Zyfa Nureyeva. Also, local amateur groups and guests from Tatarstan Alsu Farahshina, Alina Safiullina and Rail Sheikhutdinov performed with their songs.

In the solemn part with a congratulation of fellow villagers and guests of the village and with words of gratitude to the organizers, the first was the imam of the local mosque, Ildus hazrat Biktimirov. Ramnat Salikhzhanov, Executive Director of RNACNO, as well as  heads of the Sechenov district and Krasnoostrovsky village administrations, after their speeches, were awarded the most worthy  by Thanksgiving letters. Not far from the stage, young sportsmen competed in raising weights and barbells.

The absolute batyr in the national struggle was the multiple champion of the Sabantuys,  master of sports Ramil Nurimanov from Krasnaya Gorka.




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