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RESOLUTION of VI All-Russia Forum of Tatar religious figures “National Originality Identity and Religion”

RESOLUTION of VI All-Russia Forum of Tatar religious figures “National Originality Identity and Religion”


VI All-Russian Forum of Tatar religious leaders
“National Originality and religion”

Kazan, June 13, 2015

The delegates of VI All-Russian Forum of Tatar religious leaders, reaffirming their commitment to the preservation and development of traditional national, cultural and religious values, the strengthening of inter-ethnic and inter-religious peace and harmony, have resolved:

  • to recognize the priority of implementing the concept of “Islam and Tatar world: conceptual foundations of development”, entrusting the World Tatar Congress organizing and coordination of work in this direction;
  • to consider of paramount importance achieving mutual understanding within the Russian Muslim community, and counteracting attempts to split the opposition and the radicalization of the Muslim community;
  • to strive for unity of the Tatar-Muslim community in the tradition of Abu Hanif madhhab and Tatar theological heritage;
  • jointly with regional national-cultural organizations and Tatar business community to intensify work on creation of religious schools, Tatar private schools and kindergartens. Contact the appropriate federal agencies to provide students with the possibility of putting the exam in their native (Tatar) language of education;
  • in order to create a unified Tatar-Muslim information space recommend the most authoritative representatives of the Muslim community to take an active part in the work of the media, “round tables”, scientific conferences and other events;
  • to continue working to revive the historical and cultural reserve “Bolgar” (Republic of Tatarstan), settlements Isker (Tyumen region) and Ukek (Saratov region), to actively participate in the annual event “Izge Bolgar Zhyeny”;
  • Considering that the headscarf is an integral part of traditional national dress of Tatar woman, to pay attention to the educational and other institutions of the need to find an acceptable solution to this issue within the framework of the current legislation;
  • Bearing in mind that the tendency of banning religious literature remains relevant and topical requiring urgent solutions to consolidate the efforts of the Muslim clergy, together with the authorities to establish a special structure ( the Expert Council) governing this issue;
  • intensify efforts to develop a unified system of Islamic education based on common educational standards, as one of the priorities of the Council on Islamic Education, to complete the creation of an Islamic educational portal;
  • Islamic higher educational institutions in Moscow, Kazan and Ufa to attract greater involvement of the Tatar youth from the regions to study at religious schools;
  • «Social doctrine of the Russian Muslims” to take into account in their daily work.

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