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Rosa Fayzullina: “In my soul there is a song of a lark”

Rosa Fayzullina: “In my soul there is a song of a lark”

October 02, 2019

Piercing lyrics, warm congratulations, sincere memories, beautiful songs: last Sunday in the village of Malye Atryasi, Tetyushsky district, poetess  Rosa Fayzullina’s creative evening was held.

The event at the House of Culture of Malye Atryasy became a real holiday, at which the public presented a new gift collection of poems by Rosa Gabdelnurovna “In my soul – a song of the lark”.

The creative evening was visited by ZIlyas Ziganshin, representative of the DUM of Tatarstan, Kharis Kamaleev, head of the Tetyush community in Kazan, Rimma Safiullova, head of the Tatar women regional organization of Tatar women, Asiya Ibragimova, head of the Tetyush Tatar national and cultural center, and Ulyanovsk Tatar national cultural center head Ulyanovsk,  head of the local agricultural enterprise Radik Nurgaliev,  head of the settlement Ilnur Yunusov,  journalist Ramis Safin, relatives and friends of Rosa Fayzulli Noah.

The evening consisted of bright literary and musical numbers prepared by the workers of the Village Culture House. The author of the majority of songs performed by schoolchildren, amateur artists of the region and singers from Kazan and Moscow is Roza Gabdelnurovna.

The guests, in welcoming speeches, warmly thanked the poetess for poetic masterpieces, for mentoring and preserving the history of the village, wished them creative and life longevity, presenting letters of thanks.

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