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Rustam Minnikhanov charged to develop a strategy for the development of Tatmedia

Rustam Minnikhanov charged to develop a strategy for the development of Tatmedia

Tatarstan mass media should provide people with accurate and timely information. “This is the most important task that you need to address. And in this regard, we need to work very seriously”, – said today the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, speaking at the final collegium of the National Agency for Press and Mass Communications. He noted that the authorities in Tatarstan always carefully consider issues related to the media.

Minnikhanov praised the work of the National Agency for Press and Mass Communications and JSC Tatmedia in preparing and holding the Universiade in Kazan. “A big task was entrusted on Tatmedia. Thanks to the people, who were involved in this, we coped with the task”, – he said.

“We all can do anything, but if information is not available, it will remain inside, there will be no effect. This work has been put on a very serious level”, – RT President added.

According to the President of Tatarstan, the work of Idel-Press must be more effective to find a new business, such as media-kiosks. “This work should be carried out and should be oriented”, – he added.

Speaking at the collegium, R. Minnikhanov touched on social networks that have a huge influence, enjoy a powerful information resource. At the same time, as President of Tatarstan mentioned, often social networking information can be biased.

“Any information must be verified and conveyed objectively”, – he stressed. As an example R. Minnikhanov brought recent events that had occurred in Bazarny Mataki. “Somewhere something was told, and the federal media did not conceived whether it’s true or not. But here, we have worked poorly. Our law enforcement agencies had to give timely evaluation”, – he said. According to the head of the republic, it is” a clear example of how Tatmedia and law enforcement agencies just failed”.

“Any information resource should be interesting and professionally educated”, – he said and drew attention to the issue of training in journalism. “Working with the staff needs to be clear, the system based on our everyday educational centers, internships, study abroad. In this part, we have a gap, underwork”, – the President said.

Talking about the shortage of personnel, having command of the Tatar language , he noted that in this matter the RT Union of Journalists should not act as an adviser, but should take responsibility on itself. In general, R. Minnikhanov is confident “educational systems need to be seriously reconsidered, based on our capacity and involvement of the experts, who could provide us with necessary skills”.

Tatarstan President lamented the fact that journalists very little tell about positive developments. He urged media professionals to cover more positive events, projects, implemented in the country. “Why do people have become such nervous and unhappy? Watch any channel , not a single word about a working man, there is little positive information. If something happened , the media can show this a whole week. Probably, it is necessary to talk about it. Catastrophe of Bulgar ship, plane crash… Every time, when this is broadcasted, people, who were affected by disaster, feel themselves worse and worse”, – he said.

At the same time, the President of the Republic said that the criticism in the media should be present. Journalists should talk about the problems that the authorities need to pay attention.

Talking about the problems in 2014, RT President recalled that this year’s elections to the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan will be held. Under new legislation, more parties are entitled to participate in the election campaign. “It is important to tell the voters what and who are these political forces and candidates to bring comprehensive information about the participants of the elections. Work in this direction should come to the fore, for population to have maximum information”, – he said.

In addition, RT President believes it is important to find effective methods of information to counter extremism and terrorism. “This issue will not resolve in itself. This is a very a big problem. We cannot resolve this problem without media,”- he said, adding that it is necessary to talk in detail about the causes and consequences of such events.

According to Rustam Minnikhanov, Tatmedia should have its own development strategy. RT President charged to work out a long-term program to include both short- and long-term objectives . “The tasks vary from day to day. For each situation, there are challenges, which we must be responded correctly”, – he marked.

“It is very important that this structure to work for the public, every region, every town had an opportunity to speak about their people, problems and achievements. And our task – to systematize this work”, – R. Minnikhanov said in conclusion of his speech.

The event was attended by Head of the Presidential Administration Asgat Safarov, Deputy RT Prime Minister Yuri Kamaltynov, Deputy Chairman of RT State Council, chairman of the Union of Journalists Rimma Ratnikova.

The keynote address was made by head of the National Agency for Press and Mass Communications Irek Minnakhmetov.

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