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Rustam Minnikhanov has delivered an annual message to the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan

Rustam Minnikhanov has delivered an annual message to the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan

The annual message  to the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan has been  addressed today by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov within the framework of the thirty-first meeting of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan of the fifth convocation.

The event was held in Kazan at  the Big Concert Hall named after Salih Saidashev.

Tatarstan State Councilor Mintimer Shaimiev,  RT Prime Minister T Alexey Pesoshin, RT  Chairman of the State Council   Farid Mukhametshin, members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, permanent representatives of the Republic of Tatarstan abroad and in the regions of Russia, heads of ministries and departments of the Republic of Tatarstan, heads of municipalities, heads of industrial enterprises, banks, universities, representatives of creative intelligentsia, public organizations, etc. took part at the session.

A direct television and radio broadcast of the meeting was organized. For users of the Internet, the broadcast was organized on the official website of the  RT State Council and on the portal of the Government of Tatarstan.

Rustam Minnikhanov has sent an annual message to the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan

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“Hormtle deputatlar, hrmmtle vatandashlar!

Dear deputies of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan and invited!

Dear Tatarstanians!

The Republic of Tatarstan continues its sustainable development, takes leading positions in the country on many socio-economic indicators, provides comfortable conditions for life and business.

Over the past decades, we have built an effective market model of the economy, ensured decent social standards and broad political freedoms, created conditions for  promotion and implementation of people’s initiatives.

At the same time, global challenges, rapid changes in technology and people’s preferences lead to redistribution of markets and transformation of social development.

We must be active participants in these changes, act on the lead, use new trends in our activities for the benefit of the republic and improve  quality of life of our citizens.

The contradictory changes taking place in the world and the growing risks dictate the need to strengthen the Russian Federation in every way as a common home of many peoples of our country.

We are integrated into the Russian statehood through centuries of history, the spiritual unification of the Tatars, Russians and other ethnic groups. There is a complete understanding that only a strong Russia can act as a guarantor of the successful development of our republic and all the Tatars, wherever they live.

Today, Tatarstan   is implementing  the largest investment, socio-economic and infrastructure projects. We accept world championships and forums.

The achievements of our republic can not be imagined without the confidence and weighty support of the federal center, especially our national leader Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Life itself constantly convinces that strong regions are making strong Russia.

In this regard, the approaching major elections – the election of the President of the Russian Federation – require maximum mobilization from us. There is every reason to believe that the election campaign will take place under harsh conditions of political, economic and information pressure on our country.

I am convinced that these threats will act as an additional incentive for  consolidation of the Tatarstanians and all the constructive forces of society with the aim of protecting Russia’s civilizational choice, consistently upholding its interests, and supporting the presidential course to strengthen the country’s might.

About a quarter of a century the content of our relations with the federal center was determined by agreements on the delimitation of powers that played a major historical role, helped to strengthen statehood and improve the practice of Russian federalism.

Many of their provisions have been consolidated in  legislation of the Russian Federation and have become a natural state of relations with the regions.

Today Tatarstan, as one of the leading subjects of the country, takes full advantage of the wide opportunities available in the Russian Federation, the democratic rule of law, in  implementation of initiatives and projects.

Moreover, under current conditions the leading factor is not so much the form of relations between the republic and the federal center as their content, the opportunity to find mutually acceptable solutions to emerging issues in the common interest.

Hormetle deputatlar!

Dear deputies!

The current level of social development is characterized by the growing influence of citizens and their associations on  process of making and implementing decisions in the sphere of public administration.

This should be facilitated by the developed unified platform of electronic services.

It is envisaged to make extensive use of modern feedback mechanisms and involve citizens, support their initiatives.

The formation of key goals and performance indicators of public authorities, as well as control over their implementation, should become public.

It is important to strengthen the parliament’s ties with voters and public institutions, deputies to be in the thick of events, especially where there is a problem





In working with the population, we must rely on the potential of municipal settlements, as well as territorial public self-government.

It is necessary to develop forms of citizens’ participation in the creation of public spaces and the development of various activities at these sites.

The positive effect is demonstrated by the application of the self-taxation tool for citizens on initiative projects, when the republic allocates 4 rubles for 1 ruble from the population.

The work on involving citizens in addressing issues of local importance through self-taxation is most actively organized in Arsk, Baltasinsk, Kukmorsky, and Muslyumovsky districts.

In general, since the start of the program, the total amount of funding from the republic’s budget has exceeded 2 billion rubles.

These funds built new roads, bridges, children’s, sports grounds and other facilities in demand by the population.

We will continue this work.

The government of the republic and the heads of municipalities should more widely implement the transfer of the performance of public services to non-profit organizations, support their desire to obtain the status of a performer of socially useful services, improve forms of their support, including the creation of NCO resource centers.

These issues should be the subject of consideration of the forth IV republican forum of socially-oriented non-profit organizations (NCO).

The participation of the Tatarstan people in everything that lives and what the republic works on should become a powerful factor of development. Mass media and Internet resources are called upon to play a more significant role in this.

Technological progress changes the habits of people, the culture of communication. Mobile devices become both the main source of consumption and dissemination of information, and an instrument of social activity.

The main thing in the work of the media should be  quality of content, ways and efficiency of its distribution among the target audience.

It is necessary to take into account the changing interests of people and the growing world trends.

The diversification and variety of information distribution channels dictate the need for the Republican Agency Tatmedia to reconsider its role in  formation of the information space, which should not only reflect the multifaceted and creative nature of our activities, but also be an effective tool for receiving feedback from the population.


Hormetle deputatlar!

Dear deputies!

A high level of interethnic, inter-confessional relations and ethno-cultural development in the republic was demonstrated by the Third Congress of the Peoples of Tatarstan and the Sixth Congress of the World Congress of Tatars.

The authorities together with the Assembly of Peoples of Tatarstan and the World Congress of Tatars should thoroughly work out the whole range of measures proposed by these authoritative forums.

It should continue to improve the content of programs for the implementation of state national policies and monitoring of the ethno-confessional sphere.

The issues of language policy require special attention.

While preserving the priorities in the study of state and native languages, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic should focus on ensuring a high level of knowledge and knowledge of the Russian language.

This, in particular, will contribute to the work within the framework of the Year of Leo Tolstoy announced in the republic.

At the same time, it is necessary to improve the methodology of teaching the Tatar language as the state language of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as the training and retraining of teachers, including on the basis of the re-created National Pedagogical Institute.

In general, when studying languages, it is necessary to develop, first of all, communication skills.

These tasks have repeatedly been put before the Ministry of Education. However, the effectiveness of the work carried out is still low and causes justified censure of citizens.

The Ministry, as the center of responsibility, should draw the appropriate conclusions and take the necessary measures.

The reconstruction of the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, which is the property of not only the republic, but all of Russia, as well as the construction of the complex of buildings of the Bulgarian Islamic Academy, became a nationwide affair, an act of public accord.


We will continue to consistently support the efforts of traditional confessions to counteract any forms of radicalism and intolerance, to increase their role in the spiritual and moral improvement of our society.

Constructive interaction and cooperation of representatives of various ethnic groups and faiths, strengthening of interethnic and inter-confessional relations in the republic, support of compatriots living abroad is an enduring task for all state and municipal authorities.

Traditionally, the priority attention in the republic is paid to the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage. The law on intangible cultural heritage has been adopted.

A huge success of our republic  was the inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List of the Assumption Cathedral and the Monastery of the island-town Sviyazhsk.

This is a natural result of a great many years of work of scientists, archaeologists, restorers, builders, labor collectives and, of course, the Renaissance Foundation, headed by Mintimer Sharipovich Shaimiev.

Today in the territory of our republic there are 3 of

29 Russian World Heritage Sites.



Taking into account the increased requirements of UNESCO, the State Council of the Republic needs to consider measures of legislative provision for the preservation, integrity and authenticity of these facilities.

Taking into account the experience gained, it is necessary to continue archeological research and restoration work on the sites of historical and cultural heritage, as well as participation in various international projects.

Undoubtedly, the events timed to the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Tatar Soviet Socialist Republic will help to unite the Tatarstanians and the unity of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

Among them  the opening in the regions of the republic of new objects of the socio-cultural sphere, the creation of public spaces.

The government should accelerate the implementation of projects for  construction of iconic jubilee objects in our capital: the National Library and a Large Universal Concert Hall.

On the eve of the significant date, much work is to be done by the State Committee on Archival Affairs, especially since the centennial of service coincides with this anniversary.

It is important to make the archival sphere highly technological and accessible to citizens.

The rich heritage, rich business, cultural and sporting life of the republic contribute to the greater recognition of Tatarstan.

Every year we host more than 30 major international events and forums.

Next year Kazan will host World Cup football matches, in 2019 WorldSkills World Championship, in 2022 – World Swimming Championships on short water. Our task is to hold them at the highest level.

Solving the important tasks of popularizing our achievements, tourism is becoming an increasingly prominent factor in  development of the economy.

Over the past year the republic was visited by about three million people. It is necessary to further improve the infrastructure of hospitality, develop new types of tourism.

Mentality of our multinational people, their spirituality, special traditions are reflected in a culture that is important to consider in the broadest sense.

Culture is not only the preservation of material and spiritual heritage, but also the formation of values ​​that unite people, the creation of new cultural products.

The current level of development of culture should be integrated with the education system, the sphere of tourism, sports, archival and librarianship.

Culture should be addressed not only to the past, but also  the future, meet modern demands.

Especially it concerns young people who do not accept comparison with the past and are easily exposed to new influences, perceive trust and social justice, appreciate the opportunity for self-realization and focus on the best world practices.

For all the importance of education of citizenship, patriotism and following traditional values, the priority tasks of the authorities are also building an effective model of early involvement of young people in professional tests, project activities, training in promising competencies.

The environment itself should form value orientations and fashion for success, enterprise, possession of unique knowledge and skills, aspiration for development.

Particular attention should be paid to working with talented, creative youth and its associations. It is important to develop centers of creative industries, resource centers.

As a rule, people come here who generate interesting, unique solutions aimed at improving the quality of life.

The experience gained in creating sites in the major cities of the republic should be extended to our municipalities. The key link in this work should be our universities and other educational institutions.

I note that young people should see their future in the republic from the school bench, feel our interest in its development, create decent conditions for life and work.


Hormetle deputatlar!

Dear deputies!

In the conditions of aggravation of international relations and growing challenges, international and interregional ties are gaining more and more importance for Tatarstan.

We develop mutually beneficial relations with partners from 145 countries.

Tatarstan has chosen a place for cooperation and investment world leaders of high-tech industries.

Russian-foreign intergovernmental commissions have become an effective instrument of strengthening cooperation, and their meetings are increasingly held in Kazan.

The tasks set by the President of the country on the rapprochement of the Russian Federation with Islamic states are being successfully resolved within the Strategic Vision Group “Russia – the Islamic World”.

It is necessary to further expand the forms of interaction with our Islamic partners, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Islamic Development Bank and other international institutions, as well as to continue  development of Islamic financial mechanisms on the territory of the republic, including within the framework of the KazanSummit international forum.

In close coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Tatarstan carries out interaction with compatriots, which is one of the most important areas of the republic’s foreign relations.

Dear colleagues!


The world embraces the fourth industrial revolution. We are witnessing a bright technological transformation.

Blockchain, BigDate, Artificial Intelligence become realities of today.

The main question to ask yourself is, are we ready for these changes?

We entered the next stage of the evolutionary development of the economic and production model of society, the so-called digital economy.

Sequential digitalization makes it possible to increase labor productivity and competitiveness of the economy, to unlock the potential of traditional industries and create new segments.

At the same time, the introduction of new technologies leads to the disappearance of certain professions, companies and even entire industries.

We must integrate into the ongoing transformations and use them for the benefit of the republic.

In general, you need to look far into the future, to think in the future.

Already today we must discuss and adopt laws and mechanisms that will come into force in 5, 10, 20 and even 30 years.

The complex of measures implemented in the Republic within the framework of our Development Strategy allows us to ensure positive dynamics in the economy.

In the current year, the growth of the gross regional product is about 4%.

It is extremely important in the context of long-term action of external sanctions to intensify internal reserves for further growth.

The basis for the development of the economy at this stage is the oil and gas chemical complex.

Traditionally, much attention is paid to the healthcare sector in the republic.

The implementation of the planned measures for the construction, repair and equipping of medical institutions, the development of high-tech medical care contributes to improving the quality of medical services provided.

Life expectancy in the republic exceeded 73, 5 years.

At the same time, the problems associated with the availability of specialized medical care in polyclinics need to be addressed.

To solve them it is necessary in a complex with simultaneous use of digital, organizational and personnel technologies.

In the republic, special emphasis is placed on the development of the primary link, where 80% of patients are treated and treated.

This year a new unprecedented program has been launched. Within two years, it is planned to overhaul, bring to normative state and equip with modern equipment all polyclinics of Tatarstan.

There are 197 objects!

7,5 billion rubles were allocated from the republic’s budget for these purposes.

Along with logistics, the most important task is the introduction of modern patient-oriented technologies in all out-patient clinics, such as the “Friendly Polyclinic – Tatarstan Standard”.

The project was successfully tested in major cities of the republic, supported by the population and medical workers.

The introduction of modern communication technologies on the basis of common values ​​should be promoted by the Corporate University of the Ministry of Health of the Republic.

It is necessary to continue work on the development of this project.

Serious tasks are to be solved in the sphere of integration of state and non-state healthcare systems.

It is necessary to ensure the continuity of the provision of medical assistance, the formation of a unified information base for patients, the preservation of the results of diagnostic studies and the possibility of their subsequent use.

Particular attention should be paid to the state of health of the able-bodied population.

One of the most effective areas of health savings is the organization, at the expense of enterprises, of a full medical examination and oncoscreening of workers with an emphasis on occupational diseases.

I ask the Government, the deputy corps, the Association of Enterprises of the Republic and the trade unions to take coordinated decisions on the implementation of this task.

The active development of the sports infrastructure in the republic, the introduction of the TRP system, the holding of a large number of sports events give positive results in terms of the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

The number of people engaged in physical culture and sports in Tatarstan is growing every year. In 2016, it was 41.5%.

A good help was the program to create universal sports grounds.

Over 4 years they were built 671. This year, another 139 facilities are planned across the country. These are sports grounds, hockey boxes with artificial surface, block modular ski bases, as well as 8 indoor swimming pools.



It is necessary to further develop the mass athletic movement.

One of the main tasks in the sports sphere is to improve the performance of the sport of higher achievements and the competitiveness of Tatarstan athletes.

This is the direct responsibility of the Ministry of Sport!

It is necessary to strengthen individual point work with gifted young athletes and perspective coaches, as well as create all the necessary conditions for attracting high-quality specialists to the republic.

In terms of social protection, the most important areas are improving the quality and accessibility of social services for older citizens and their education, employment of disabled people, caring for orphans, ensuring the inclusion of children with disabilities in all aspects of society.

It is gratifying that today patronage and charity are gaining popularity in the republic.

Thousands of not indifferent Tatarstanians take part in various actions, render feasible assistance to those in need.

Well-established new project “Good Kazan”.

It is important that this experience is broadcast to other our territories.

Hormet Tatarstanlylar!

Dear Tatarstanians!

Times change very quickly.

Every day new technologies appear in the world, ideas are born that change lives.

All this is created by people.

We live in times of great opportunity. And our republic is rich in bright minds.

Dream, create, build large-scale plans and never stop learning. This is the only way to move forward!

Irtgese unshyshny orliklary – bugenge tufrakta usya.

The future of strong Tatarstan and strong Russia depends on us!

Good luck to all of us in this work! “.

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