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Saratov Muslims visited the Tambov region

Saratov Muslims visited the Tambov region

At the initiative of the Imam-mukhtasib of Balashovsky region Hazrat Ilyas Yunkin with Saratov Muslims headed by Mufti of the region Mukaddas Hazrat Bibarsov made a day trip to the Tatar village Engurazovo of the Uvarovsky region of the Tambov oblast.


They visited the village mosque, and then went to Akhtyamov Bakhteev, a descendant of local imams, who told guests about his glorious ancestors.


His great-grandfather Abdulhakim Khasanovich Bakhteev was the Imam of the mosque in the village from 1868 to the end of his life in 1920. A grandfather Ibrahim Abdulhakimovich Bakhteev held this honorable position for 40 years from 1920 to 1960 years of the twentieth century.

Today the home of Akhtyam Bakhteevs has survived a number of rare books passed to him as an inheritance from his grandparents. In his library shelf one can see interesting specimens of Muslim publications. Guests viewed with great attention this literature, Mukaddas Hazrat saw in them a scientific value and proposed to invite experts to study and preserve these materials.

We remind that in early January this year an archeographical expedition of Department of History at the European University in St. Petersburg had researched many rare books, collected at home library of the former mufti of the Penza region Hazrat Abbas Bibarsov.

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