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Сhairman of the National Council met with  mayor of Nakhodka

Сhairman of the National Council met with  mayor of Nakhodka

February  01, 2020

Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan, chairman of the National Council of the World Congress of Tatars Vasil Shaykhraziev met with  head of the Nakhodka city district Boris Gladkikh. We remind  that  working trips by   chairman of the National Council for Federal Districts continues these days at  the Primorsky Territory.

Boris Gladkikh noted that there were a lot of Tatars in Nakhodka both in Soviet times and at   present. According to the mayor, they are a close-knit and active people.

– The city has a Council for Nationalities. This is the most active organization in the region. The association of Tatars occupies an important place in this Council, ”said Boris Gladkikh.

Vasil Shaikhraziev noted that three years ago, meetings with the Tatars began in the federal districts. Similar meetings at  the Far East in previous years took place in Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

This year we decided to hold a meeting with compatriots in Nakhodka. Delegations from all regions where there are Tatar organizations gathered here, ”said Vasil Shaykhraziev.

Also, the chairman of the National Council emphasized that the current year is a year of great events. He informed the mayor of upcoming major events.

Vasil Shaykhraziev spoke about his current work agenda. He said that they had already managed to visit the city mosque.

The mosque is In the most beautiful place of the city. Our compatriots, like-minded people gather there. Thanks so much for that! – said Vasil Shaykhraziev.

On behalf of the regional organization, the chairman of the Tugan Il public organization of the Tatars and Bashkirs of the Primorsky Territory Ramil Kilmukhametov also expressed gratitude.

In your city 84 nations live together. One of the first you have built a mosque, ”he said.

Anzor Avdadayev, head of the Nakhodka City Council for Nationalities, noted that the Tatar-Bashkir organization, headed by Nuretdin Sadretdinov, is the most active in the Council.

Nuretdin Sadretdinov thanked the city authorities for their continued support. This cooperation allowed the construction of a mosque in the city, work is underway to create a House of Friendship of Peoples, he said.



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