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Subbotnik in the village of Forty Tatars

Subbotnik in the village of Forty Tatars

April 5, in Lithuania, in the village Forty Tatars subbotnik (beatification) around the mosque, as well as in the mosque was held.

Large company worked together with fun and friendship because more than 30 people responded to our call for , many came with their children and even grandchildren. Children as little ants dragged dry twigs in a fire, rake up leaves. The largest by number in subbotnik was a family of Penkauskas, besides Yakubovichs, Radetzkys , Schutskiys , Shabanovichs , Milkamanovichis , Alexandrovichs and many others did not disappoint – in fact, just about every families had their representatives . Men found a job more difficult – some made replacement of carpet in the mosque , others cut down thorny bushes near the fence, and the boldest decide to take away alarming tree right outside the entrance to the mosque – there was a danger that it may damage the roof or fence. Everything turned out just fine

– Without noise and dust , nothing damaging teams of Penkauskas – Shantrukovs, simply masters of their craft , eliminated the problem. A tree with a rotten core could fall at any moment …

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