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“Tat Cult Fest will break the stencils about the Tatar festivals”

“Tat Cult Fest will break the stencils about the Tatar festivals”

A multi-format show will demonstrate a new national culture.

The general producer of the festival Tat Cult Fest,  founder of Yummy Music label Ilyas Gafarov told in an interview with KazanFirst why people should go to the festival, how it  differs from “Pechen bazar” and  what  it all will  turn out after.

– Tat Cult Fest – we have not been to such a festival yet. What it really is?

– The heart of the festival is modern Tatar music. On August 30, at three sites at the Kremlin, we will present its entire spectrum – rock, fusion and electronic music. Three scenes will be organized at once, each of which will have its own headliners. We invited them so many that there was not even a single festival of this scale. On the fusion scene Zulia Kamalova will perform with her Australian team, Enver Izmaylov from the Crimea, Islam Satyrov from the Stavropol Krai. On the next rock scene, one  will be able to get acquainted with all the variety of the Tatar rock music genre, from soft retro bands to ultra-modern electronic bands. Here we will gather light rock, heavy rock, soul-funk and even Tatar heavy metal. The third scene of electronic music will feature the most unusual musicians and bands and even performers, the so-called representatives of the music of the future, because electronic music are developing  very quickly, it enjoys a great potential. Here all  begins avant-garde electronics  and ends with a cheerful, dance music.

In addition to music, we have another separate theatrical stage, where modern theater projects will be presented. You will not find them in the repertoire of classical Kazan theaters. These projects were created as a piece product, and were put one or two times. Only young directors and actors, poets, musicians and dancers worked on these projects. On this day at the Kremlin there will be film screenings of local directors, there will be a literary zone.

– How will three scenes work at the same time and do not interfere with each other?

“They will be installed in different parts of the Kremlin.” The easternmost is the fusion scene, here you can designate the area near the Savior’s Transfiguration Monastery. In the center of the complex on the lower tier of Kul-Sharif there is a theatrical stage, then, a little to the west, in the cannon yard there will be a rock scene and the westernmost point is the Taynitskaya Tower – there is a stage of electronic music. The scenes themselves are located and equipped so that fans of a particular direction of music feel comfortable. And the music will sound harmonious.

– The program Tat Cult is designed for three days. What is planned in addition to the musical component?

– August 29, we will have an educational program in the residence of creative industries “Shtab (Headquarters)”. All  the  registered through the time-table will be able to attend master classes on topics related to promotion, development, creation of new content in the format of national culture, that is, new national youth content. At the “Shtab” lectures will begin at 17:00. They are organized by specially invited experts and speakers. For example, there will be a lecture on how to write about Tatar culture today from Alsu Guzmanova, then a closed master class from Lily Sabirova from «Planeta» (Russian crowd-funding platform, Ed.) On how to raise funds for crowd-funding from a local project. We invited Denis Boyarinov from Moscow. He will tell you why Russian cities need to maintain a local musical culture.

We are planning to hold a discussion lecture from Adilya Khaibullina about the traditions and trends of the festival cinema, as movies are actively filmed in Tatarstan and most of them are aimed at the festival fate, the lecture will be very relevant.

In another creative space, Mayakovsky will host a six-hour training session from the holder of the Golden Mask, Nurbek Batulla. It will be a mixture of yoga, fitness, spiritual seminar, improvisation training. All this will help to reveal to the person his creative abilities. There will also be a second master class from electronic musician Aigul Galeeva from Austria. She will tell you how to write modern music from improvised means without having a musical education. She works in this genre, she writes music using her computer.

August 31, at the Alafuzov  factory  the Moscow label “GOST Sound.” will showcase

I’ll explain what it is. The whole team of this label will come to Kazan to show all their musicians and their work at one time and in one place. By saturation this big party will be close to a small festival. All participants of this event from one team, united by a single musical concept and ideology. This label is a living example of how you can do something original and unique without imitating others, adhering to your idea that characterizes musicians from Russia.

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