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Tatar language may become compulsory in schools

Tatar language may become compulsory in schools

A number of innovations has been proposed by experts during a round table in the RIA “Novosti” on “Improving national policy and resolution of international conflicts.” Today, when Russia is being seriously tested in the international arena, the consolidation of all nationalities living in the country, said participants in the discussion.

The Mufti of Moscow and Central Region, a member of the Public Chamber Albir Krganov outlined plans to build in the Crimea “new Artek” – this summer camp for children will instill respect for people of different faiths and nationalities. The adults will not be not be forgotten – for them a whole program of interfaith tourism has been developed.

According to Mufti, in some regions of Russia there are Tatars problems. So, in Mordovia, girls are banned from going to school in headscarves, and a medalist in the headscarf was not allowed to be awarded to the governor.

Attitude to headscarves and hijab should be reviewed, according to Albir Krganov: “Otherwise it is unfair – why it is possible in the Caucasus, but in other regions it is not?”.

Recently Mufti went to the Crimea – in his words, the Crimean Tatars are pleased to join Russia. In the near future in the Crimea 50 Tatar schools will be built, as the existing 15 are not enough. Also, kindergartens are to be built.

Professor Alexander Kobrin does not understand why in all Russian schools are learning English, German and French, but do not learn the languages of the peoples of Russia? “I do not mean the school in national regions, and ordinary secondary schools. Why do not learn the Tatar language, for example, in Khabarovsk? We have 190 national languages. It is necessary to study them at least optional. ”

According to the professor, the Tatar people made a great contribution to the development of the Russian state: “We have at least two kings with Tatar roots. But we, for some reason, do not talk about this. ”

You must come to grips with not only the curriculum but also the television program. “We need to pay attention to what we see on TV? – is wondered a member of the Presidium of the Council of the Assembly of Peoples of Russia Sergey Kuchinsky. – I switch on a first TV channel – the project “The Voice.” And for the second channel-like show. And I would like to turn on the TV and learn the culture of the peoples of Russia. We do not have it “.

According to experts, Russia is an example of centuries of globalization – to such a model Europe only is going, filling cones at every step. “Europe should take example from us, – said Kobrinsky .

And we, the Russians, it is worth besides studying the Tatar language in addition to come to grips with the geography. “Ask the Russians, where Mordovia is? Not everyone will respond. And if we ask what it borders, the majority of Russians this question stumps. But we laugh Psaki, who found the sea in Belarus “- confessed the professor.

But in general, according to the polls, the friendship of peoples in Russia against the background of the sanctions already started to become intensively stronger. Director of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights Alexander Brod cited statistics of “Levada Center” in October 2013 was recorded peak of xenophobia when the slogan “Russia for the Russians” supported 66% of Russians. This was the maximum for all years of measurements.

By mid-2014, the number of supporters of this slogan was reduced to 54%. By the end of the year at up to 17% (although this final poll was conducted by Fund “Public Opinion”).

Total in 2014, 50 conflicts on a national basis were fixed, including mass brawl. There suffered 93 people, 17 killed . For comparison: in 2013, 80 in clashes were injured 25, 180 killed.

In the past year there were 20 cases of vandalism against Orthodox churches and mosques – among the leaders Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk region and Tatarstan.


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