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Tatar pop stars attended the Children’s Hospice

Tatar pop stars attended the Children’s Hospice

On the eve of the Charity Festival “Iski Suit Kazanda Milli monnar”, the Tatar pop stars visited children’s hospice named after Angela Vavilova in Kazan. Proceeds from the concert with their participation will be used to help the hospice.

Ilnar Yalalov, Marcel Vagizov, Nurzada, Salavat Minnikhanov and Guzelem acquainted with the life of the hospice and met with children and their parents.

Chief physician of the hospice Galia Khisamova Galia told about the history of the hospice and its current state. So, today in a hospice 35 people live, including 17 children and 18 adults. Per month of the hospice maintenance takes about 2 million. rubles. Of these, 1 million is compensates by republican budget, 1 million by sum of the contributions from benefactors. Therefore, head doctor said , a concert to be held in Old Kazan on August 23 is a significant help to them.

“For us, every penny is dear! 5 rubles, 10 rubles, 200 – all valuable to us “, – she said. Children are fed six times a day, medical and treatment rooms equipped with the latest technology, there are sensory rooms, massage, specially equipped bathroom, etc.

” Ideal conditions have been created for children – chief doctor said. – For example, last year we brought the child, who was predicted a month of life. As a result, under our supervision and care he has been living for a year! Yes, he does not see by his eyes, he lives on the strongest painkillers, but he understands everything and hears – he lives”.

“Compared to other centers, hospitals – we are a resort,” – says one of the mothers.

The hospice, in addition to creating the conditions for children who have no hope of recovery, also serves as a social rest – psycho-emotional support. So, they are unload for a while parents whose children have cerebral palsy. “These parents are exhausted both physically and

mentally – says Galiya Khanum. – We give them the opportunity for at least two weeks to do their own thing – like business, documents, and just relax. Even if they do not want to leave their children alone, here they have the opportunity to relax – the hospice staff cooks, cleans, washes, etc. ”

“Such hospices in Russia are only two – in Kazan and St. Petersburg. For the vast country – a drop in the bucket. In some European cities, number of hospices in hundreds “- director of the Fund Vladimir Vavilov says.

The hospice artists did not come empty handed – they presented their music CDs, and at the end of the meeting the children and artists gathered in the courtyard of the hospice, launched into the sky colored balloons while making pre-warmest and sincere wishes.

“We are lacking attention – lamented one of the mothers, at parting with the artists. – Now you know what we are and we are many. We would like you to remember that along with with healthy children there are. And they also want to live a full life. Please do not forget about it! ”

“After what we have seen here, you realize that we live in paradise” – shares his impressions artist Marcel Vagizov.

It is worth noting that the next meeting between children artists will take place tomorrow, July 28. Dilya Nigmatullina, Azat and Alsou Fazlyevs, Ilnaz Garipov, Ilshat Valiev organized a small concert for the children hospice, their parents and staff. The meeting will begin at 11.00 am.

Similar meetings will be held up to the concert – August 23. The festival called “Iske Kazanda Milli monnar” will gather on one stage 30 Tatar pop stars. Along with young musicians on the same stage on this day RT Honored artists will perform – Reseda Sharafieva, Rasim Nizamov, Ilshat Valiev, Hamdoon Timergalieva, Zufar Khairetdinov, Guzaliya (Moscow), Dilya Nigmatullina, Alina Sharipzhanova, Zulfat Zinnurov, Ilham Sharif, Ensemble “Sornay”, Ilnar Yalalov, Ilnaz Garipov, Nurzada and Marcel Vagizovs, Munir Rahman, Azat and Alsou Fazlyevs, Gulnaz Battalova and many others.

All collected means from the concert will be directed to the Foundation named after Angela Vavilova (Hospice – http://angela-vavilova.ru/) and for the rehabilitation of the blind and disabled children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation center “Yardem».

Press office of the charity festival “Iske Kazanda Milli monnar”.

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