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Tatars-2018: doubts, hopes

Tatars-2018: doubts, hopes


World Congress of the Tatarstan – 25 years, News, Society, 10 days ago


What  have  they understood in the outgoing year?

The outgoing year 2017 for the Tatars was the year of new finds, new disputes and old doubts. The VI Congress of WCT  was held, and the national education system was reshaped.  Inventorying national-cultural organizations and their problems and opportunities was  launched.

The path between Kazan and neighboring, and far-off countries and regions of the Tatars’ existence, with which a lively connection is maintained, did not run wild. There were interesting events, there were opportunities and partners at different latitudes: from Arkhangelsk to Tashkent, from the Far East to America, Europe, to the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, where the Tatar Sabantui was held for the first time. Everywhere the life of the Tatar community is boiling! We can, if we undertake!


It became clear that Tatarstan and Russian Tatars, their social and entrepreneurial structures are connected and closely intertwined with the economic and legal field of Russian political forces and the domestic policy of the federal and regional authorities.


It turned out that the mechanism of consolidation and the legal basis of the Tatar revival are under the watchful and jealous eye of opponents


It was confirmed that with competent and consistent work on realization of ideas and protection of civil rights of the Tatar population, it is possible to continue the process of ethnic consolidation and revival of language and culture, having  started a quarter of a century ago.

It became obvious that the difficult situation and distribution of forces in the Russian elite, the redistribution of spheres of influence of political groups of different levels can not but affect the legal status and financial well-being of the Republic of Tatarstan, the basic region for the Tatars of all Russia and the world.

It is not difficult to guess that changing the status of Tatarstan, restricting the rights and governance system of the republic can lead to painful and even tragic consequences for the entire Tatar people.

It turned out that to continue to move forward, to keep reliable partners and friends will have to compete, and sometimes even confrontation of the political forces of the Russian elite.

All this has become an important and dramatic test for the Republic of Tatarstan – a recognized leader in the Russian Federation and the entire Tatar society. This is a serious test of the competence and conviction of the Tatar leaders and their partners. It is impossible to substitute organizational and practical work among the Tatar public alone with self-promotion, PR actions. The imitation of political work and concrete actions played a cruel joke in the collapse of the CPSU and the Soviet Union. Loud slogans and propaganda alone can not ensure the preservation of a people who have gone through a difficult journey and lost thousands and millions of their remarkable cadres. So we need a system of real actions involving a large number of activists in the field.

It’s time to protect and improve the school lessons and teachers of the native language, the consistency, the urgency of preserving and modernizing the well-received system of education, culture, the media, and the unity of national and religious enlightenment that serve as a framework for the ethnic identity and spiritual development of the Tatar people.

Tatars can save their faces and friends and associates from among other nations and win if they can defend their interests by in-depth analysis, legal, political tools, arguments, and precise facts.


Rimzil Valeev

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